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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Skywatch Friday

The weather forecast on Tuesday said cloudy
with a chance of a storm
but we decided we'd still drive out to Warburton

Not far from home on our way to the Yarra Valley
Lots of blue sky there somewhere
but the clouds had started gathering overhead

Out along the Warby Highway they turned grey

They hung around the whole time we walked along the riverbank

Luckily we made it home
before it really turned nasty later in the evening

click on the photos for a clearer view 

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  1. Warburton - what a beautiful spot to walk along beside a river. And then you got some rain! Maybe I've got it wrong, but I'm expecting that rain in Victoria is a good thing at this time of the year.

    Hope it can be stored up for summer, and really hope this coming summer is heaps cooler than the last. See, despite all our sporting rivalry, the Kiwi Cousins across the ditch really do care, and worry about Summer bush fires for you ..... and us.

    Sending many loving huggles and cuddles, Michelle and Zebbycat, xx and gentle purring tonight

    (We survived Guy Fawkes here, Thursday night, in Wellington with no fire engine sirens audible from my home - A First in the 19 years I've been living here!)

  2. Simply serendipitous! Talk about nostalgia! Lovely shots

  3. What a beautiful day you had. I loved the photos as it was like almost being right there. Have a blessed day!

  4. Lovely photos and a very peaceful setting.
    As a Maker of Native American Wood Flutes..I have the urge to go into thet Sawmill there...I love wood and the wonders one can make with it.

  5. I'm so glad the rain held off so that you could take these beautiful pictures to show us!! I love being able to see the mountains in the background. Isn't it amazing being able to see parts of other countries while sitting comfortably in our computer chairs:-) xoxo


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