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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Seeing where the fire came to

Some of you may remember after the terrible fires we had here in Victoria last February I did a post about how my Dh (an exserviceman) and his old mates kept in touch and up to date with the happenings of others in bush fire areas.

You may like to read -all about that time here

Well,  this past Sunday some of the group went to his place for a BBQ.  We drove up to Clombinane along the Hume Highway and as we got closer it was evident some of the burnt areas were not regenerating but there were so many other places that were.  Its strange to see what from a glance are creepers growing up black trees but when you get closer find it the tree sending out new leaves all the way up and along its branches.  Sorry no photos of this - Dh was driving too fast and my head was swiveling from side to side as well

Anyway we wandered round Mike's property and he took us down to the back fenceline - which is not that far from the house - and showed us where the fires came too. 

Now that was an eye opener

The trees here are having a hard job regenerating and theres a chance some may have to be removed.  Some Australian trees have a built in mechanism for renewed growth after fire but it seems the flames and heat have gone right down int to the root area and the damage there often stops any regrowth.

for a clearer view you may need to click on the photos

All those trees on the other side of the paddock and those to the left and for quite a distance beyond were ablaze - the paddock was burning as well -  like an inferno Mike (who was a CFA volunteer for many years) said- something he'd never seen before.

I forgot to charge my camera battery so I only have myself to blame for a lack of photos.  I managed a few before the red light came on and it died  Will share over the next few days.

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  1. its amazing to see how black the trees are, but how green the grass is? You wouldn't have thought there was a fire there, if you didn't see the black on the trees? Interesting.

    Gill in Canada


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