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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scenic Sunday

The Golden Gumboot
Banyan Park

140 Kilometres south of Cains
Far North Queensland

to read the boards
please click on the photos for a larger view

Built to recgonise the fact that Tully is reputed to be the wettest place in Australia
(although the residents of nearby Babinda would query that lol)
the Golden Gumboot is a marvellous tourist attraction

We had a great time
climbing to the top and loooking out
over the town and nearby hills

And it didn't rain!!

The boards tell you about the area
and the benefits of living in such a high rainfall area

The height of the Gumboot
represents the amount of rainfall that fell in 1950
a record
7.9 metres - 25.91 feet

There was a small doco/film/movie
made whilst the gumboot was being built

it shows the plight of a small town caught in an economic downturn
(sugar imports v local sugar production)
and findidng a way to attract tourists to their town

To see where Tully actually is in Queensland

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  1. Oh how fun! And I see the GEICO Gecko running amuck on the Gumboot! Loved these shots...

  2. Great post about Tully and the Gumboot. Gee, 29 feet of rain? Even for a years time, that seems to be a lot of rain.
    Great photo and I love the boot.

  3. I love the frog on the boot. Boy that is a lot of rain. I wish they would pipe it down here to the south east corner of QLD.

  4. This is such a fun post! Ah, so wet is good? I'm not surprised, I guess, as Australia is such a dry continent. I enjoyed this post very much!

  5. This is cute! The boot is so fun to see!

  6. That is quite a boot. It could sure give a good kick.


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