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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hello again

Seems like all I've done recently is seek out and talk to tradesmen
Well that is when they are available to speak to:(

We want to get a new roof put on over the back deck
and only one of the tradies
who were 'definitely coming' to give us a quote turned up
so where are the other two?

One rang and said he forgot!!
He'll ring again when he has time was what he told Dh
Who can afford to forget the chance of work??

The other, well he just didn't turn up
- and isn't returning phone calls either-

So......... I'm looking forward to the quote
from the very nice chap who did come
and was the one recommended by a friend who had used him
Fair comment I think.

Then the other Monday we took advantage
of the Federal Governments scheme
of a $1600 grant towards the cost of insulation in the roof.
We did have some up there but it was put in back in 1973
and if the truth be told
there have been days when it 's been very hot in the house
so if theres something going for free I'm all for it lol

That also took some organising
as the quote man was going to be interstate
and not available for a few days
and we knew the scheme in its current form
was ending next week
so I was on tenterhooks wondering if we'd get the papers in on time

Of course this Monday - the day of installation
 we were going to have a stinker of a day
and I half expected them to ring and cancel
'cose of the heat and occ. health and safety issues

Working up in the loft would have been awful
- but they came -
I felt like their Mother putting jugs of water near the ladder
and telling them to keep drinking so their fluid levels didn't drop -

Its great as we can tell the difference already :))

No airconditioning needed the past days even tho it was well over 30c/85f

We grizzled 'cose spring came late
and I'm beginning to think summers arrived early lol

After blooming gloriously
look what this hot weather is doing to my lovley roses
Looks like I'm going to have to go out there with the secatuers soon

Fire season has started
There are several alight in various parts of Victoria
and there have also been some in others states as well

Actually some of the other states have had stinkers as well
Adelaide and South Asutralia are not faring very well
with all their days over 35c/95f so far
and more predicted

Maybe they could do with these tradies
to provide a bit of cool relief lol

Well I must go and do some grocery shopping
There are renovations going on at the shopping centre up the road
A new Aldi is going in
- we have Safeway and Coles there as well -
but for some reason or another
they have used some of the car parking for the building
Also the underground parking
- a boon on a hot day -
has gone as well
There are going to be times when it will be hard to get a park
but its just too far to walk and carry things home

Maybe I should find a nice young bikie
who'll take me shopping lol

I seem like a bit of a Moaning Minnie today
Hopefully I'll be better next time

Do hope you are enjoying the photos I've been posting recently
You will let me know if they are getting boring won't you


  1. I'm very happy for you about the insulation.

  2. Off the Mark cartoons are so funny! Hope you are ok.

  3. So glad you will be enjoying your hot summer with a nice cool home. I am looking forward to enjoying winter in a nice warm cabin. I like your idea on a bikie! LOL


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