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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Camera Critters

Last August we visited a friend who has chooks (chickens)
and as I watched these two pottering around the garden
it looked like they were deep in conversation

click the photos to see them more clearly

He then  met up with another one

Hello my dear
I haven't seen you for ages
Hows the family

How do you like my new tail feathers

Well I must be off

Oh Hello
I didn't see you there
Should watch where you are walking
Can't see through these bushes can we
Someone should do some pruning!!

I say if you have a good look around
theres a whole lot of good things in this ground

Oh well
I must be off
Really must go
In a tearing hurry
Got to see if theres any tea on the go

Might be some eggs in the cupboard

Don't they look grand
Had me enthralled for ages lol

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  1. Love the photos but the captions really made it. EGGCELLENT!!

  2. Cute indeed, I always think they have a regal look about them... Their strutt just makes you sit up and pay attention to them! Great Shots Cathy!

  3. I love your chicken pictures! But then I love chickens...these are lovely feathered things!

  4. Hi Cathy,
    Catching up Enjoyed all the photos and comments. Here's another story.
    A man was in the back garden doing some woodwork His wife was upstairs ill in bed. It was a warm day and the bedroom window was open. The man's friend called round and asked. "How's your wife ? Is that her coughing " "No.it's a dog kennel !"

  5. Great Rooster pictures, very shiny feathers too,thanks for sharing:)

  6. Love your chicken photos. Great series of photos and captions.

  7. Very pretty feathers on those chickens!

  8. It does look as if they are having a good chat. Nice story.

  9. Apparently chickens do form strong bonds with each other. It is good fun to imagine just what they are clucking to each other! x


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