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Monday, October 26, 2009

Where oh where has my ..........gone??

Ok some things are going to have to change - my memory is not getting any better – I may have to look for books on improving it or tips for the same on the Internet – that’s if I remember lol

Shower time yesterday morning sees me starting to lather up and realising I still had my glasses on – and what’s worse is its not the first time either:(

Then in the afternoon I almost tear the house to pieces looking for a business card I’d had yesterday. Both Dh and I remember me sitting down with it in my hand whilst I was talking to him about ringing the tradesman. The roof on the deck is need of repair – or more to the point – we need a new roof over the deck.

A friend had used him and was very impressed with his work but instead of just copying out the phone number gave me the card – but could she have it back in case she needed him again. In other words (‘cose she knows me and what happens to paper in my house) don’t lose it lol

I hunted everywhere but to no avail – tidied drawers and corners, fluffed pillows, sorted so much paperwork,

I don’t think there’s a piece of paper that is not legitimately in the house now but still couldn’t find it.

Walked into the laundry and there it was – on the noticeboard where I’d pinned it for safekeeping!!

So now I’m wondering if I’m really starting to show signs of short-term memory loss or was it just one of those days?


  1. Ginko and Biloba is meant to be good for that.
    Give it a go!
    Dont worry it happens to all of us occasionally.

  2. I understand completely. Even the glasses in the shower bit. My son said to me yesterday whose glasses are they on the shelf above the mirror in the bathroom. I had to say they are my other sons old glasses, as I couldnt find mine, and I was in the shower before i realised i still had them on. And worse, I am only 47, what will happen in another 20 or 30 years!!!

  3. It's a standing joke with me and my OH. I put things in a safe place. So safe I never find them again! x

  4. I am nearly the same age as Lizzie and I can relate to you Cathy. I have my stuff on a bulldog clip on the calendar. It was better on a bulldog clip on a screw near my computer, that way I am sort of facing towards it when I have my glasses on.

    I felt awful last week. My daughter had a small operation. The doctor was explaining things and I listened intently. And I know I would forget some things. I need to take a notepad everywhere with me I think.


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