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Thursday, October 1, 2009

What I managed to get done

People have been asking me what I managed to achieve on the craft front whilst we were away.
Quite a bit - and a great deal of it was done while we were on the road
But first of all we had to start the day with a coffee.
Now I'm not a big Mcdonalds consumer but where possible ('cose they are about the only coffee shop open at the those times) we called in as we drove out of town early in the morning
Mugs filled and ready to roll lol

This next photo is one of some of the slippers I am planning to give as gifts at a Christmas breakup
I need 8 pairs in total so as you can see its six down and 2 more to go
If I set my mind to it , it won't take long to finish the other 2 pairs

These are the size 8/4mm knitting needles
that kept me company drving along many many kilometres of our large country
One of those sets of slippers being worked

Oh by the way don't be alarmed at the sight of those needles pointing at my lovely legs
I only put them there for the picture
They were safely tucked away in the bag in front of me when not being used

Heres another pair of needles on the go
The black and red fluffy yarn is a scarf for a grandaughter
Guess which footy team she supports
And heres another pair I used to knit up some gorgeous white fine yarn
I had about 30 balls of this gifted to me and I'm using it to knit some lacy scarves
Its a Mohair, Acrylic, Nylon Mix which is knitting up really nicely

Now here for your enjoyment is a little look at the finished items
with a closeup of the lacy patterns below

I finished the white and lavender in Queensland and began the pink one of the way home
Lavender in Feather and Fan and the other from a magazine - a Spotlight Publication I think

I've made them about 60 inches long - that way they can be doubled over and wound round the neck in all the new fashionable combinations


  1. My Nana used to knit Grandpa Jim slippers in a very similar pattern. What great yardage you've got out of the op-shop jersey!

    Huggles, Michelle

  2. You have been very busy while you were on the road, it helps pass the time. I think everyone you are making them for will be very happy.

  3. I love your slippers. I crochet slippers myself. I didn't have a pattern and just made it up as I went along.
    I will post pics so we can compare.
    I wonder could you post the pattern.I would love to try yours.
    And the scarfs are great.


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