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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Watery Wednesday - Oct 2009 - 3

Stone Island
(sometimes called North Island)
Bowen Queensland
August 2009

I like lighthouses -
I like to think of the feelings of security
they gave the sailors in years gone by
when they didn't have the navigational aids they do today

This picture was taken in 1876
National Library of Australia Collection

These were taken up at the Flagstaff Hill Lookout


Seems there is a ferry to take you out to the island but we never found it.
Will keep it in mind and try harder next time we are up that way
Don't think it will be next week tho
Its a long 4 day drive from my place lol 

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  1. Lighthouses always make a good subject. The variety of architecture and location makes it fun to collect them in picture.

  2. Cathy, good morning. Did you ever see the TV programme on ABC about Industrial wonders of the world? They showed the building of Bell lighthouse in the North Sea, early 1800's. Amazing!!!

  3. I love lighthosues too, Beautiful scenery, thanks for sharing your WW.

  4. So beautiful. In our country a lot of people are working idealistic to save some of our lighthouses.

  5. It is pretty the view is just stunning. Happy watery Wednesday.

  6. Lovely shots. What a magnificent ocean and the lighthouse is great :-)


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