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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Watery Wednesday - Oct 2009 -1

Two pictures taken from the back end of a boat
- called 'The Stern' I think -
3 years apart

Theres something about looking at the trail of water
showing the path just taken that I find fascinating

The first was taken from the back of this little vessel
- a 23 metre catamaran 'Voyager' -
on the day trip I spoke about last week
in The Whitsundays this past August ( 2009)

And the second in September 2006
from the back of this fabulous cruise ship ms Zuiderdam
photographed here berthed on a very rainy day in Ketchikan Alaska
please click on the pictures for a clearer view
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  1. I love boats and sailing and oddly enough can't swim a lick! If ever I fell off I'd be a goner...love the pictures.

  2. wow this pictures are pretty...happy watery Wednesday.

  3. I do love these photos yet I'm not into sailing (a secular blasphemy to one side of my family)

    Love and springtime huggles, Mickle xxx

  4. I also love watching the wake of the boats! I love the colours in the second photo!

  5. I love hanging out at the back of a boat and watching the water churn! Great series of shots.

    What clear water you arrived at with the Cat...makes me want to jump right in!

  6. Neat idea getting photos out of the back of the boat. Love the port in Alaska.

  7. Great photos, I have a shot of that same eagle in Ketchikan. We were on Holland America's Amsterdam.


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