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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Todays Flowers - Oct 09 - 2


During our travels round Queensland earlier in the year
there was one thing I really loved to see
That was the sight of Bougainvillea growing in so many places

To me its always what I think of as a tropical plant/shrub.
And it seemed to be if there was a large spot available in it went

This is a lovely pink and white we saw in a park at Winton
All on its own
and looking a little out of place
amongst the natives
but acceptable
Possibly self sown?

please click on the photos to enlarge for a clearer view

But what I did like was the way it was used decoratively

This was a lovely white strain
growing up an archway
in front of a cafe in Longreach

It had a really nice look to it and
there didn't seem to be any thorns on this one
which is possibly why it was placed so very stragetically
in front of the cafe

Now this to me was the most appealing of all

Mountains of colour at several spots along the main street of Bowen

As one side of Herbert Street is higher than the other
there are several of these fabulous covered crossings along the street

Beautifully shaded with enormous Bougainvillea shrubs
Those bench seats looked so inviting
I'm sure that on a hot January's day

many would cross there instead of at the nearest intersection

It possibly could also be a shelter
from the wet seasons torrential rain storms

Encouraging flowers

How much your bougainvillea flowers depends on how it is treated. These plants are very hardy and will survive without much water or fertiliser. In fact, they thrive on neglect, and will put on a fabulous flower display for many months as long as they receive plenty of sunshine and are grown in a warm position. If you must prune to control the plant, prune lightly at the end of the flowering period.

If only I could grow it in my garden
but it doesn't do very well down here
in the temperate climate of Melbourne
 although there could be some who would prove me wrong lol

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  1. lovely topic today, Cathy..just gorgeous

  2. I just adore that white bougainvillea Cathy. I only wish we could grow them here, its much too cold for tropical plants, even iside as pot plants they keel over and die.

  3. Thanks for highlighting the Today's Flowers logo. I may join up to this one. Bougainvillea reminds me of my Grandad's garden. He's in his mid-90s and lives in Mallorca. Of course we see it on our holidays in the Med too. x


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