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Monday, October 19, 2009

Todays Flowers - Oct 09 - 1

Down the bottom of our garden lives a very large
aka Mock Orange
Which is just starting to flower

The first blooms always seem to be at the top
There are only a few open at the moment
But I thought you might like to see them

By the look of the shrub we are in for a smelly time
as its covered in buds

The beautiful creamy white flowers have a very strong perfume
- supposedly similar to orange blossom -
All I know is when its flowering I can smell it right up at the front door
Over 100ft away!!

Dont forget to click on the pictures for a better view

To see more of todays flowers from around the world


  1. Cathy, I love the way you have taken us closer and closer to the flowers! I still find it odd that you are having spring while we are having autumn. Not that I am complaining!!!!! Means I can come visit you and others from your part of the world to get my flower fix while the snow is here!

  2. Wow, these bring back memories. My mom used to have a mock orange when I was young. Every time my dad mowed, he ran over it but it still managed to grow into a beautiful shrub. Great captures!

  3. the smell in your yard will be lovely when it is completely out in flower, the fragrance is intoxicating. Can almost smell it through the computer screen ...lol

  4. I love flowers, your garden's beautiful btw.

  5. Beautiful. Mine have been flowering for a while. I featured one in my last week's flower post.

  6. I have never seen or heard of this plant so I'm guessing it doesn't like our zone since they don't sell it over here! lol They should have scratch & sniff on here so that I could smell those flowers:-) xox

  7. I sense that you don't like the aroma, right? I LOVE it, perhaps because it reminds me of my grandmother and childhood. ;-)

  8. What a beautiful tree-and scented as well !


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