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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Time will tell

Bit bleary eyed this morning - was woken about 4.30 and then after closing my eyes at 5am managed to catch another hours sleep. I'll be on my own this week, well till next Monday evening to be precise - as Dh left at that unsocial hour ( with a friend who has a rather noisy motor in his car so I'm expecting the neighbours to complain sometime about it running outside at 4,30am) - for Sydney and the World Masters Games.   

He's a Tech Official for the Canoe/Kayaking discipilne so will be a very busy bee out at Penrith dealing with all the highs and lows an event ot this standard brings.

Which means............. I'll be here with a week to myself wondering how to fill it - not. 

Even if the weather is cold I hope to be outside clearing up some of the winter 'mess' and making the garden look more like it should be. 

I spent yesterday rearranging the doorway to the underhouse access.  A few years ago we laid bricks in front of the doorway and - don't ask me how - they raised a little and on the one occassion we wanted to open it the door wouldn't go over the top of them.:) 

I think we decided otherwise and just glacned round the side but thinking about eversince has bugged me so that was my job yesterday.  Pulled all the bricks up, relevelled the earth, then laid the bricks again. 

I now remember why it wan't level the first time - many years ago we just tossed large pebbles there but I got annoyed 'cose I couldn't sweep the leaves away in the spring - anyway when I made the decision to put the bricks there I got fed up trying to dig the earth that had all these stones in and once the door skimmed over the top I just sort of 'made do' with the level I got to.  Had the same problem yesterday - cursed all those stones - but persevered and now have a nice clean, tidy and accessible space like this

So..............as the weather man says there is only a slight chance of showers later in the day, I have two choices to fill the time in today - well I have more than that but these two appeal to me more than any of the others lol

Sort out this mess by the back door - doesn't seem all that long ago I would be out there carrying on at kids if they left the place like that

Or wander round the side of the garage and start on the area round there.  Now my New Toy aka 2000ltr Water Tank - has been installed I can tidy up and lay paving slabs along the front of it and then decide whats going to live (be stored) up the back of the tree stump.

Oh Decisions! Decisiosn!!


  1. Look at you with busy work...me, I'd be piled up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea...a few tea biscuits...well, for one day maybe. Then I'd be hard at work! Have an enjoyable week!

  2. You sound like me. I have poured concrete, rearranged bricks, put down gravel and used a chain saw...just to mention a few. Your place is looking good. Your blog looks great and I like your profile picture. The shawl is pretty!


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