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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Here it is Thursday evening, nearly the end of another week.
These past few weeks since we got back from Queensland have been bitterly cold and very very wet, in fact the overnight temp here last night was 5c/41f and tonight we are expecting 3c/37
- SO - please
Could Melbourne’s weather fairy stop acting like a Contrary Mary
and decide whether she wants the season to still be Winter or progress properly to Spring.
Last week the rain came down constantly and very heavily
so much so that parts of the Yarra Valley close to home were flooded
These are scenes not seen for many a year
click on the pictures for a better view

It looked like these poor cattle or are they cows didn't quite know what to do with all that water
One even waded in - do hope he/she was able ot got out and join the rest of the mob
We have now had our water tank installed so are sure it will stop raining soon lol
I'd cleared the chosen spot near the chosen drainpipe many months ago
so Dh didn't have much in the way of work to do.
And as one of the Sons in law loves getting his hands dirty he was a willing worker when it came to sorting out all the pipework.
So if it ever does rain again
if I ever manage to get some veggies planted
I should have some water available for the plants


  1. I think of Australia as suffering from so much drought. My borther, visiting his daughter in Sydney send me some pictures of a dust storm obscuring most of the city.

    It is good to see some areas get water and have a lush landscape.

    Your temperatures are comparable to ours here. It is near freezing at night and up to 7C this week
    ( a little cooler than normal.)

    We are having rain often also. We of course, are moving toward Winter
    Can hardly wait for all the snow and -30C temperatures :)

  2. It was the Australian, Elizabeth Blackburn who shared the Nobel prize for medicine for work in genetics. The other two were another woman, an Americans, and a man who was a Brit, raised and educated in Canada. I was cheering for the two Canadian researchers who were in the running for discovering stem cells which also will have great implications for medicine in the future.

  3. I guess I have read too many stories of Australian sheep stations where the impression is one of dust and desert. I must dig out a map of Australia and familiarize myself with where you are before I make any more silly statements about dust storms in Syndney affecting you!

  4. While you anticipate spring & veggie planting, we are savoring fall & cleaning up our yards/gardens.I still have yellow pear tomatoes & a late blooming pepper coming on. It just wouldn't grow during the summer, now I have a wee little one. My neighbor gave me a bunch a gorgeous heirloom tomatoes.Her garden is huge & they have a hot house as well. Love neighborhs like that. Hope the rain eases up. Enjoy your day!

  5. Wow, you're right, there's not been too many pictures of that much water in the past few years.

    Our weather fairy has decided it should be colder here now, this morning I had to put on gloves when I went out with the dog! I did take them off half hour later once I had warmed up with walking, plus I needed to pick some more sloe berries!

    Take care
    sarah x

  6. It is currently sleeting outside. Another lovely blast from the sub-Antarctic to end the Spring school holidays here.


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