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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Things I am noticing

I am noticing

My family think I'm Tight

I say - no, Thrifty
or is it Frugal

Whatever it is
Whichever way you think

I definitely want everything thats left in the bottle lol


  1. we're like that too! I think it's called 'non-wasteful!'

  2. I'm like you Cathy
    I pay for a full bottle and I want to use the full bottle, by whatever means it takes to get it all out.

  3. I open up the toothpaste tube to get the last dregs and also "weld" the last scrap of toilet soap onto the next new cake. Hand lotion bottles (plastic) are cut open as well. Some people might think I'm a skinflint but when I was born the country was just recovering from the great depression.

  4. Oh no, am I tight, too? I have always done all the things mentioned. My kids always said I was cheap!

  5. I think you and your readers could be described as having good common sense.
    Just think of the waste X the billions who don't do these things.

    Makes me sad to see my child's garbage can.

  6. i do this too... my husband was cross though as i had turned the bottle upside down and put it back in the cupboard... and it jumped out on him!
    it's good to be thrifty!
    best wishes
    sweetmyrtle ginny

  7. Cathy, you're not alone! I do this. I rinse out bath/shower/washing-up products to get the last dregs, roll down the toothpaste tube and cut open beauty products to get to the bottom of the tube! Where this trait originates from I do not know. It's not as if I can't afford to replace them! x

  8. Waste Not, Want Not is a good maxim.


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