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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things I am noticing

You know it doesn't matter if its on the leaves

Or the prettiest blooms

Or on that weedy clump of grass
that grows in the wrong spot

I am noticing that
looks good


  1. I was noticing today how green everything look when the storm ended. We had a doozey of one. Heavy rains all day & winds up to 55mph at some point this afternoon. The cleaned up yard is now a mess & part of the fence is down.

  2. Yep i notice that too. They are pretty roses. Happy Watery Wednesday.

  3. I'm with you all the way, every drop is precious and sooo beautiul.

  4. Love the rain photos,of course the rose photos the most.

  5. Hi Cathy:-)

    Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party...don't worry, you didn't have to clean the mess, I had made sure I had a faerie maid come in! hehe A Happy belated Birthday to you, I see that you celebrated with our turkey this year since the 12th was our Thanksgiving Day! lol

    Just love the pictures of your roses with the raindrops on them. I always prefer taking pictures of my flowers after a rain, there's just something so pretty of seeing the raindrops on them. We had an inch of snow yesterday morning but thank goodness it was all melted within a few hours. This morning there's a heavy frost but I noticed that I still have some roses hanging on...hardy little buggers! lol

    Have a wonderful day...or night since I know there's 15 or 16 hours difference between Canada and Australia:-) Hope you come by again, I've added you to my Bloglines. xox

  6. Hi Cathy,
    i love the rain too ... especially on those pretty soft pink roses.
    thank you for joining in... i am enjoying your noticing.

  7. Raindrops look beautiful on pretty much anything - but especially on flowers! Lovely photos!

  8. such lovely rainy images. Dressed in raindrops always works for me.


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