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Friday, October 30, 2009

Things I am noticing

I am notoicing that as October comes to an end
I seem to have spent a lot of time
looking at flora and fauna
raindrops and roses
also catching up on unfinished crafty things

This was what my little corner of the lounge room looked like recently

And much to my horror this is what it looked like today

Not much different
in fact there seems to be more underway
if I don't clear it up over the weekend
I won't be allowed out
in November to get a look at
the world around me

Sweet Myrtles intentions when she started this meme
was for bloggers to post the things they saw around them
Things that made them look and wonder
and want to pass that sight on to others

"I would love to see what you are noticing around you in the natural world this month
so if you would like to join me in my october noticing,
 please take the button, add it to your blog and let me know so i can link to you."

I realise some of my posts have strayed from that thought
I didn't play the game properly
and for that I apologise
but I notice so much around me
I have to tell it as it is

if you really want to see the mess
click and it will enlarge the photo


  1. I enjoyed seeing life around you. I feel better now knowing someone else likes to keep crafting things close and handy. :)

  2. It's all I can do to drag myself out of bed right now...and I've been missing my blogging pals...so glad to see that not much has changed with you...now I feel as though I have company in my neglecting of things lol!

  3. The "mess" shows me that you were doing something you love doing...crafting:-) Too often we don't take the time to notice things around us so that meme really is a good idea! xox

  4. I'm sorry for not posting to you in awhile. I use a different computer sometimes, and had misplaced your blog.
    and your pics are exactly why I find myself 'spring cleaning' in October!


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