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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spiders Love/Hate relationship

Good job I don't suffer from Arachnophobia - a terrible fear of spiders

'Cose I was merrily pottering around the bedroom a few weeks ago
 and this is what I saw
up above on the frilly cutain valance

Can't see the first photo
Look at this one

Still not visible
Ttry this one

I'd put your glasses on if I was you

OK here goes
Last chance
'Cose it went out the door very soon after this

Big hairy monster that it was - it never made a murmur
when I ( oh well, when Dh) held the piece of newspaper underneath its legs

I did move out of his way so as he wouldn't drop the paper
"cose goodness knows where it would have gone them lol

I may not have the fear of spiders
that Little Miss Muffet had
I know I wouldn't have been sleeping in that room
till it was found, thats for sure!!

Shhhh - don't tell one of my girls that
as she still relates the tale of her dad telling her
to ignore the one on her bedroom ceiling
as she was much bigger than it
and it would be scared of her
and not the other way round!!

or as one of my friends used to say
(Bloody Big Buggers)

ps.  If you want to see a really big spider go over to this blog

Its a big one !!


  1. I think it was this year that I saw the biggest huntsman in my life. I am glad it found its own way out, I think.

  2. My home seems to be a spider magnet. Always a few large ones making themselves a comfy home. Admit that any large ones trying to set up home in the bedroom get evicted by me. Zebbycat is useless with them - he'd rather beat up a flowerhead!

  3. I don't know whether to laugh or cringe...I see plenty of those long legged lovelies in the garden...not so sure I'd be so happy to see them hanging from curtains or dancing on the candle sticks, lol...

  4. eeps, I have to show this to my kids, they're terrified of the tiny ones we have here.

  5. Thanks for dropping by and the link to meet Claudia. Claudia is outside. Just so you know, all my saved spiders are outside. Should I find one inside, it will be encouraged to live outside or meet an untimely death!


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