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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Seems to be fixed - Blogger and my mood

Hello everyone - thanks for your encouragement as far as the Blogger photo issue.  In fact its been nice to see all the the bloggers who have dropped in recently and to read their comments. 

I think I've fixed the problem, went back into the posts and reduced the size of the photos and it seems to be showing all the picture now.  Hopefully thats all the problem was. 

Its a nuisance when something is advertised as being 'better than the previous ' version yet doesn't deliver the goods or even live up to our expectations - you'd think we'd learn by now that it isn't always the case lol

I really think this has been the week that wasn't - it rained for the majority of the time and I felt quite miserable.  All my thoughts of being out in the fresh air went poof - or do I mean splosh - I suppose I could have done something out there but it would have been in little bursts as once one rainy period ended another came along soon after - bit like they used to say in England about buses - there'll be another along soon lol   No sooner did I put my wellies on I was taking them off again so as is rather obvious I spent a lot of time in front of the computer. 

I took loads of photos when we in Queensland and really wanted to share them with you so decided to take part in some of the weekly photo memes - do you know how long it takes to decide which photos to use and then sort them into order and then load them - then workout when to post them - having to take time differences into consideration - good job it was raining as I seemed to spend hours here lol

I hope you've enjoyed them all as I may do them again next week:))

Anyway the pity party is over, there's no more sweet stuff left in the house 'cose I ate it all,  the freezers almost empty of those soups and standby meals I put aside when I cooked too much - I'm not an enthusiastic cook at the best of times and my enthusiasm had certainly left me last week so I was glad of all the hidden mysterys in there, 

Normal service has now resumed.

I cooked dinner Monday evening after Dh got back from Sydney (tossed some diced chicken breasts into a pan with onion and garlic, added some chicken stock courtesy of the last carcass I had in the freezer, diced carrot, potato and sweet potato ('cose thats all the fresh veg I had) found a small tin of chick peas lurking in the cupboard so they went in, yes I know lots of white and not much colour lol) and it bubbled away for a while till soft and ready.   We ate it with hunks of bread, quick and easy, delicious and light tasting but not tastless.

I managed to take myself out for a walk ealier on this morning which is something that also has gone by the board and Dh's gone off to golf. - and - this is good - I won't need to cook this evening as theres heaps left from Monday evening sitting in the fridge

Yesterday we went to see some friends at Healesville, they are a little bit older than us and have found thmeselves slowing down - G's got a 'bd back' and F get tired  but they do still like to have 'people round for lunch'.  A very simple meal of cold meats and salad along with an apple cake F had made teamed with berries and cream.  Believe it or not after all those cold wet days we had last week. yesterday was very sunny and very warm - about 27c/81f - too warm for them so they had put the cooling on. 

To try and warm myself up - the house was a bit too chilly for me and the sunshine inviting - I wandered down through their big block to see how it had fared over the winter. 
Not a posh garden, very long with a creek at the bottom, it had been very picturesque in its day.

For a better view please click on the photos to enlarge them

 Some of the garden furniture has seen better days -

Heres the old chook shed and pen looking 'cute' covered in star jasmine  - over the years they tried to make it fox proof but the cunning devils (the foxes I mean) always found a way in so F said she couldn't take the heatbreak any more and so no more chooks.

No more big compost heaps - they find it easier just to roll this one over a couple of times a day

Theres no way G would have let the grass grow so long in the orchard
but he now finds it hard to sit on the ride on mower

And heres the creek running very fast after all the rain from last

None of their family live locally
so they are contemplating asking the Shire for some help
thats available to Seniors with disabilities


  1. That is 7am Australian Eastern.

  2. I gave up on one of the memes, I am on a slow speed at the moment so couldn't load them. It did take ages to sort through photos of my daughters trip to Malaysia first, so I know how you feel.

    I was told when I signed up to Skywatch that it is available 7am Friday morning, which seems to be the case with those memes. The flower one takes longer I think.

  3. I have been suffering because of the colder house. Yesterday the girls talked me into going to the shops and buying an icecream. We ate them on our front lawn which was warm and very nice. It helped.

  4. I know when it rains a lot here in Canada, it always reminds me of England........and my old bones don't like wet weather anymore!!!

    Your supper of chicken stew sounded yummy, I may try that sometime.

    I cut down my rasps with the lawn tractor, as they were so overgrown, and I know for a fact I won't have killed them all, if any. It's not the correct way of doing it, but due to time constraints, it will have to do this year!!

    Gill in Canada

  5. We just recently went through 2 weeks of rain so I know what you mean about spending most of your time in front of the computer and eating every sweet in the house! LOL This past week we've had some sunshine but today it was back to rain and cold. I spent most of my time in the kitchen baking...so now I have more sweets to eat! hehe

    I always find it so sad when a couple start getting too old to take care of their home and yard. I do hope your friends are able to get some help. xoxo


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