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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Out and about in the suburbs

I had to go to a neighbouring suburb the other day
and popped into the library there for a while

Anyway next to the library is a lake
Manmade, its been there for years
with reed beds and islands
Its home to what at certain times of the year
seem like hundreds of ducks

At those times theres always letters to the local paper
talking about culling them
Can get very emotional at times

There are walking duck signs on the main roads close by
and its quite funny to see Mumma Duck leading her brood across the road
with traffic slowed down to let them go their merry way

Not many ducks there the other day
but I did see some birds I'd never seen before

Mind you thats not an unusual thing as apart from ducks and gulls
I'm not a font of information on water birds
But I'm learning:)

They had a dark look to them
and their tail feathers looked white

Heres a couple by the waters edge
click photo to enlarge

One swimming around in the very murky water

and these three charging away with a lot of noise
at a fast rate of knots

Then I noticed this one running round near the fence
Its feet weren't webbed
they reminded me of chicken's feet

He/She seemd very agitiated

And then it took off into a bushy section - very overgrown so I couldn't get in there
More for the birds protection I think

I did follow on round the side of the lake
I'll let you see what I found

Another Day!


  1. (Eastern?)Swap hens? I saw two last Thursday near the river and had to stop for them coincidently.

    I grew up with some near the creek that we lived next too. We were on a high bank so could enjoy the creek but not be affected by the floods.

  2. The birdie running away looks very similar to the NZ Pukeko, a swamp dweller. Gorgeous to look at but a right pest in the veggie garden.


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