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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Out and About cont. This is what I saw at the lake

See previous post
- Out and About - 
 for what I was following

When I fnally got round the corner of the lake
near the library
the bird was walking quite quickly across the reed bed 

and look what was there to meet her
(I'm assuming it was the female)

The adult started pulling up bits of reed
tearing a piece off
and sort of 'chucking ' it to one side for the chick

They wandered about together
but very cautiously

I assume the chick was still quite young
as every now and again they would lift their heads
and the chick would move closer to the adult
It was almost as if they were trying to decipher
the noises going on around the area

Listening for danger

Unfortunately you really do have to enlarge these pictures
to see the detail

There was quite a distance between me and the bird
Its just a little point and shoot camera I have
Zoomed in as much as it would go

However when I arrived home I looked it up on the internet
Remember Dh is away so I can spend all day and night there if I want :))

Turns out they are called Purple Swamp Hens
aka Eastern Swamphens
Not very purple looking that day as it was very dull and overcast

You can find information here






  1. As a bird watching fanatic I love it when people who are not wildlife photographers get amazing pictures such as the ones you took. Good going! A similar bird lives in some areas in the US called the "coot" or the "mud hen." Thanks for sharing these!


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