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Friday, October 16, 2009

Mumma duck says

I was down at the Wetlands yesterday and
I had a little laugh when I saw Mumma Duck and her latest brood

When I first spied her she was taking them for a walk
I could hear her quacking away before I even saw her
She was still telling them what to do when I arrived

click and enlarge to see the detail

Then they slowed down as if to say
Do we have to?

Next thing I know is they are really putting on their parts
and refusing to follow her
Looking back to where they came from

So I stood and watched as she gathered them all in a bunch
and walked them back the other way

She knew exactly what they wanted
Here they are gathering at the waters edge

Take your marks! Get set!
You can see the anticipation in their faces
One of them is really itching to jump in

Got what they wanted didn't they lol

Where do you think you're going ?

Theres always one little b........in the family isn't there
Look at him showing off !!


  1. Baby animals are so much fun to watch, there can keep you watching and laughing at their antics.
    How is your week going with hubby away?

  2. Great photos. I can sit and watch the ducks for hours.

    I like your new background colour - it sets the pics off beautifully.

  3. These wee ones are now definately teenagers - full on attitude!

    Your deeply cloudy, rainy skies keep moving over the ditch to here! Rest assured that my seedlings were snail and slug proofed. Happily in pots, umbrellas and such like useless in Wellington's wind.

    Your dear darling kittycats have the right idea for surviving super damp springtime days (and are super huggable darling short haired beauties - I'm such a shorthaired kittycat pushover)

    Bestest wishes, Michelle and my rescue cat, Zebby, xxx and purrrrrrumbling

  4. The ducks are prolific this year.Only a few weeks ago I woke up to a mother duck calling her babies and they were right under my window. In my back yard.
    Good thing my dogs are bird proof, but they were so cute.


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