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Monday, October 19, 2009

Is it me or Blogger

I recently changed to a new 'updated' version of Blogger -
But sometimes there only seems to be part of my photograph published. 
It seems fine at first but then if I go back an view the blog days later I notice half of it is cut off. 
It also isn't every post - some are fine and some seem to be cropped in half
Has anyone else had this problem?


  1. I have had a number of problems with the new version but they have all resolved eventually without my intervention (or understanding). Photos seem to present a particular challenge to the system.

  2. I had problems at first but like monix they went away on their own.

  3. It's blogger...but if it doesn't correct itself, I'd go to the help section and see what they can do to turn it around.

  4. I refuse to update mine to the new version! lol Never had problems before so I'm staying with it:-) Hopefully the problems you're having will resolve themselves on their own. Quite a few bloggers have had trouble with pictures uploading correctly. xox

  5. I'm glad i read yhis as I was wondering if I should change over. Don't think so now. I enjoyed reading your blog.Especially like "the lost sock"

  6. Hmmm. Blogger has been acting strange lately. I hope it resolves its problems soon.


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