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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fresh air and no sunshine

This is what I saw looking off the back deck late yesterday afternoon
Looks delightful doesn't it
 poured again for most of the night
but had sort of cleared up by this morning

Having had enough of being cooped up inside
('Cose thats where I've been most of the week)
I decided to take my chances and go for a walk

These two weren't going anywhere so I was on my own lol

I headed for a local park -
the one I told you about when we did the

Brolly and camera in hand I strode off
Not a soul in sight
 - it was only drizzling and not too cold -
and I was enjoying the fresh air.

Grey skies as I walked around
- you should be able to see the outline of the Dandenongs
through those trees -
Should was the word lol

Found one of the ponds and some ducks quite pleased
that what the shire is advertising as Wetlands
are actually wet now
and they have somewhere to swim

Heard frogs as well which was quite nice
Didn't see any tho'

Further round I had another glance up the hills
Still heavy low cloud covering all the range

Another part of the pond looked nice and calm

Came to the little bridge
Still very wet and slippery from last nights downpour
But I strode on

That sounds good doesn't it lol
I actaully ambled over it and met up with a friend coming the other way

Fed up with being indoors she was out 'taking the air' as well
Thought we'd have a sit down and chat
But changed our mind when we saw this bench
Very wet
Seems to have deteriorated a bit over the hot dry summer

It had a lovely overgrown appearance
Surrounded by loads of spring grass
courtesy of all the welcome winter rain
Will have to get the council out with their mower
As that could attract snakes
and other things

Looked at the water again and both of us decided to make our way home
It was coming down by the bucket load


  1. Hope the weather clears up soon, it's always nice going for a lovely walk. Thanks for the nice pictures.

  2. Yep that's what it looks like here in our area. We are not that far away from you.
    I live near Cranbourne and we do not need any more rain. I now bequeath it to all the farmers who need it.
    I hope you had a nice walk and a chat. Personally I would of stayed with the cats.

  3. Angela that is a nice way to put it.

  4. The cats look as though they have the right idea to me!
    Those skies look very stormy but I love a good dramatic photograph!


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