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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do flowers remind you of people?

Are there flowers in your life that are reminders of others
 People you have known during your life or have heard stories about ?

My mother grew Sweet Peas
She grew them when I was a little child
My sister (who lived close to her) told me she was still growing them the summer she had her first stroke
Try as I may and have often done so I cannot get them to grow
No idea why but they shrivel up and die
Autumn sowing or Spring planting doesn't matter which
They do not thrive

My Dad had a favourite that he grew in most of our gardens
His gardening was usually confined to veggies but there was one small plant he always had growing
Said it reminded him of our Granny - his Mum
Both my sisiters have it growing as well - its a real sentimental favourite with us

 Take a look at this picture of a bank thats runs up the side of our drive
Its a difficult spot and we've (or rather I've) lost count of the number of plants tried there
I cleared it a few years ago and stuck some Erigeron - Seaside Daisy - around about here and there
Cuttings of Arctosis and Lantana (not a weed here in Victoria) have also thrived
as well as a ground cover Geranium (Cranesbill)

they are all visible if you click and enlarge the picture

Tucked away in one little corner where none of those seem to reside is Dad's gem
Its very dry there and drains well when there is rain

The smallest flowering plant in my garden and one of the most loved
Snow in Summer - Cerastium tomentosum

I love it - those little white flowers and the grey foliage
just appear from nowhere

Now if only I could get those Sweet Peas to grow I'd be one happy daughter
- sigh -


  1. Cathy,

    Happy Birthday, my dear friend. I hope you're having a wonderful day.

    I'm not one to grow sweet peas either. Grandma could grow them without blinking an eye. Yes, there are many flowers that remind me of her. Gladiolas, coleus, yellow climbing roses, geraniums and several others. Dad loved growing red roses and that is about the only flower he ever grew. His gardening took place in the vegetable plot.


  2. I have tried twice to grow sweet peas and have not had any luck either but I di like them.

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday Cathy. I hope you had a fun-filled day. Your photos here are wonderful. My mother's favorite flower was the Sweet-Pea and my Dad's favorite were his roses. He grew veggies too and my favorites were his pole beans. He always used to say there was nothing that tastes better than a vegetable watered with the rain. Of course, we used to get quite a lot of it where we were. Have a great week Cathy.

  4. Hi Cathy, Happy birthday. Hope you have a happy day.
    I don't grow sweet peas but I have heard that they should be planted on St Patrick's day after soaking them over night in warm water. Give it a try NEXT year, I'd be interested to know if it actually works.

  5. We planted some this year, they may have been a victim to snails.

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