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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Didn't think I would but I this time I have

Maybe its because the weather has been 'orrible most of the time
Or maybe its because it was my birthday but I'm missing Dh quite a bit
I fiddled around enjoying the sunshine in the back garden on Sunday and got lots done
But since then the days have been brisk I think is the description. 
Very windy, a bit chilly and a bit wet,

And yes, I did say it wouldn't matter what it was like I'd be outside
But there was the warmth of the fire indoors
The scarf I want to get finished
Some blog posts to work out
And without someone here to chivvy me on I got lazy lol

Even the novel idea of standing ( or rather shivering under the golf umbrella)
Next to the water tank listening to the rain going down the pipe
while Dh was on the phone - checking to make sure all was fitted correctly
Didn't keep me out there for long

I did have to brave the elements yesterday at 3.30pm
'cose if I hadn't left the house at that time I would have been in an awful lot of trouble

Do you remember the hoo hah when I was late for the school Kiss and Ride afternoon pickup
Sign the book in the office and try not to do it again! 
Delightful words of advice from the school secretary!!

Well I offered to do it again
I was going over to her house for a quick dinner last night - birthday treat - I'll cook Mum
And as Dgd goes into after school care
I thought it would be a nice change for her to come here after school
And it meant Dd could go straight home from work and start on the pasta
and then we'd drive over later

What it also meant was I had a huge great piece of paper stuck on one of the kitchen cupboards
With school 3.30pm written on it in very LARGE  letters so I would see it all day long
And not be late

I had the pleasure of battling that delighful roundabout at a different time of the day:)
Not my usual morning/lunchtime battle but still busy 'cose of Mummy traffic from the schools

Then theres the stop start, wondering what's holding those in front up,
- carefully not stopping in front of anyones driveway
 'cose they complain bitterly to the council and the school -
crawling up the road
Watching the cars go into the school grounds
Pick the child up and then file back out again

So it was with great relief I drew up at the school - and the little so and so wasn't in sight
Held up everyone else in the line up for her to finally appear

She'd been chasing the boys and hidden round the back of the shelter!!

Popped down to a nearby suburb today to go into the library
Nothing of interest there so came home again

But what I did discover was

That even the ducks on the lake
- near the library -
Thought it was too b........cold to go in the water!!

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  1. I have been enjoying the winter, but this week is not fun, it probably was just Monday, but seems like it has been going on forever.

    Do you order books on the online catalogue? I went to another library last Thursday as my little girl was home from school, she was reasonably well just needed to be kept warm. We found some nice books that we wouldn't normally see.


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