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Saturday, October 31, 2009

A fun time was had by all

I haven't said much about my Aunt recently,
As even tho' she has been in the nursing home for a few months now
she is still very unsettled and almost withdrawn

I am grateful for the loving care she is receiving
yet feel there has to more that I can give

I visit when I can and if its dry outside
I take her for walks in the wheelchair along the main road
She can look at the traffic and also in peoples gardens
We 'talk' about the flowers and the cars
I try to get her to tell me the names of the plants and describe them
- colours and shape -
but her memory is really going and she just gets flustered

Unfortunately over the past month or two
she has become so uncoordinated
 I now find it difficult to transfer her into the car
so going for  a ride is now a thing of the past

Even tho' the wheelchair taxi is very unreliable
- they come when it suits -
when the weather is better
 my cousin and I hope to manage to take her out
 maybe for lunch at one of the larger shopping centres
There are some nice little cafes in one close by
and then we can walk round
and she can look in the shop windows

Also if there are the two of us there to entertain her
it won't be such a problem if we do have to wait
for the taxi to came for the return journey

Now last night I took my Aunt to a dance
Yes in her Nursing Home

The staff organised an evenng for al the residents
They asked for some nice clothes to be there for the evening
ladies had long lasting hairdo's (I think the rollers stayed in for hours lol)
Make up on and off we went

Down to the largest day room
- called the Ballroom for the night -
decorated beautifully with fairy lights and balloons

and we listened to a Glenn Miller tribute band

And we danced:))

Carers who weren't on duty came in and helped out
Carers who were on duty kept coming down to see what was going on
It was only the really infirm who were in their rooms
and one carer stayed on the floor all the time

Wheelchairs were wheeled round in time to the music
Those who could move were on their feet
- some gently swaying -
others having a fine old time
Lots of family and friends there
young and old

There was wine and beer and soft drinks
There was finger food and cakes and pastries

and at the end of the night
This lady who has been so unhappy
went to bed with a smile on her face

And 'this' lady
who has also been so upset
'cose the other lady has been so upset
drove home with tears in her eyes
'cose the other lady was so happy:))

Friday, October 30, 2009

Things I am noticing

I am notoicing that as October comes to an end
I seem to have spent a lot of time
looking at flora and fauna
raindrops and roses
also catching up on unfinished crafty things

This was what my little corner of the lounge room looked like recently

And much to my horror this is what it looked like today

Not much different
in fact there seems to be more underway
if I don't clear it up over the weekend
I won't be allowed out
in November to get a look at
the world around me

Sweet Myrtles intentions when she started this meme
was for bloggers to post the things they saw around them
Things that made them look and wonder
and want to pass that sight on to others

"I would love to see what you are noticing around you in the natural world this month
so if you would like to join me in my october noticing,
 please take the button, add it to your blog and let me know so i can link to you."

I realise some of my posts have strayed from that thought
I didn't play the game properly
and for that I apologise
but I notice so much around me
I have to tell it as it is

if you really want to see the mess
click and it will enlarge the photo

Thinking time - outside the box

This is the sort of thing I love
Hope you do too

Can you find the hidden phrase or word for these puzzles?

From wiki:
Thinking outside the box is to think differently, unconventionally or from a new perspective. This phrase often refers to novel, creative and smart thinking.

This is sometimes called a process of lateral thought.

Suggested answers are

Traffic Congestion or Traffic Jam
Waiting for Mr Right
Reversed Roles or Role Reversal
Upper crust
A rising economy

Marvellous what you find when your passing time on the internet lol
Will have more another day

Skywatch Friday

What does it look like when there is no sky to be seen?

Leaving Parkes very early on a very foggy morning
driving up to Goondiwindi

- spooky - eerie -
and dangerous
if you have to drive

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time for a laugh

My favourite today is
the chook lady who prettied up her eggs
Wonder if she made a fortune??

If you click on the cartoons they become larger

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Watery Wednesday - Oct 2009 - 4

Walking along a beach in Bowen
I found my self watching the water breaking on these small rocks

Not big enough waves for surfing tho' lol

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Now for something different

To the right of this picture of a very dry riverbank
is some very green water

Heres a better look

and this is the reason for its nasty appearance

We found this 'billabong' just outside Winton

When we went back into town nobody could tell us the story behind the notice board
Could have been all sorts if reason for the contamination (poison)

I was going to take more pictures but Dh saw something moving in the grass
and insisted I got back in the car!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things I am noticing

Not all my Spring roses are Pink

'Julia's Rose' is sort of light brown colour
 - some say coffee -
 but theres also a peachy tone in there as well

These first photos were taken on Sunday
when it was nicely formed

click on the photos for a clearer view

and then these next ones were taken yesterday - Monday
See how it 'blew' open overnight

Monday, October 26, 2009

Where oh where has my ..........gone??

Ok some things are going to have to change - my memory is not getting any better – I may have to look for books on improving it or tips for the same on the Internet – that’s if I remember lol

Shower time yesterday morning sees me starting to lather up and realising I still had my glasses on – and what’s worse is its not the first time either:(

Then in the afternoon I almost tear the house to pieces looking for a business card I’d had yesterday. Both Dh and I remember me sitting down with it in my hand whilst I was talking to him about ringing the tradesman. The roof on the deck is need of repair – or more to the point – we need a new roof over the deck.

A friend had used him and was very impressed with his work but instead of just copying out the phone number gave me the card – but could she have it back in case she needed him again. In other words (‘cose she knows me and what happens to paper in my house) don’t lose it lol

I hunted everywhere but to no avail – tidied drawers and corners, fluffed pillows, sorted so much paperwork,

I don’t think there’s a piece of paper that is not legitimately in the house now but still couldn’t find it.

Walked into the laundry and there it was – on the noticeboard where I’d pinned it for safekeeping!!

So now I’m wondering if I’m really starting to show signs of short-term memory loss or was it just one of those days?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Todays Flowers - Oct 09 - 2


During our travels round Queensland earlier in the year
there was one thing I really loved to see
That was the sight of Bougainvillea growing in so many places

To me its always what I think of as a tropical plant/shrub.
And it seemed to be if there was a large spot available in it went

This is a lovely pink and white we saw in a park at Winton
All on its own
and looking a little out of place
amongst the natives
but acceptable
Possibly self sown?

please click on the photos to enlarge for a clearer view

But what I did like was the way it was used decoratively

This was a lovely white strain
growing up an archway
in front of a cafe in Longreach

It had a really nice look to it and
there didn't seem to be any thorns on this one
which is possibly why it was placed so very stragetically
in front of the cafe

Now this to me was the most appealing of all

Mountains of colour at several spots along the main street of Bowen

As one side of Herbert Street is higher than the other
there are several of these fabulous covered crossings along the street

Beautifully shaded with enormous Bougainvillea shrubs
Those bench seats looked so inviting
I'm sure that on a hot January's day

many would cross there instead of at the nearest intersection

It possibly could also be a shelter
from the wet seasons torrential rain storms

Encouraging flowers

How much your bougainvillea flowers depends on how it is treated. These plants are very hardy and will survive without much water or fertiliser. In fact, they thrive on neglect, and will put on a fabulous flower display for many months as long as they receive plenty of sunshine and are grown in a warm position. If you must prune to control the plant, prune lightly at the end of the flowering period.

If only I could grow it in my garden
but it doesn't do very well down here
in the temperate climate of Melbourne
 although there could be some who would prove me wrong lol

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

My place and Yours - Bedside

Pip over at Meet Me at Mikes has been running a fun meme
where you post an image in line with the weekly theme 

This weeks theme is

With all the warm dry weather this week I've been out in the garden
clearing, tidying up and spreading mulch around
I've been aching each night and have resorted to a nice warm bath
made all the better with a handful of washing soda in the water.
Then this morning I went to my first Pump class since we got home
Oh I've walked as much as the weather would permit
but as far as working those muscles its been nil
so I'm feeling even more weary this evening
and will be in the bedroom fairly soon

Now back to the meme
This is what the sides of our bed look like

This is mine
sort of pretty pretty
Books lamp clock radio necessary meds.
and a covered box for all the bits and pieces I seem to collect
The little hat on the wall is a reminder of Dh's aunt in Canada

click on the photos for a clearer view

Now this is the other side of the bed

As well as a lamp I can see
a wallet - a hat - a stubby holder -
some cough mixture and echinacea ( dh has a cold lol )
golf balls - petrol receipts
a savings pig for loose change -
a covered box for bits he collects
(last time I looked it had some golf tees in there)
but also various bits of stuff on the bottom shelf

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