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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What to do today

Well this is what the sky looked like at about 9.30 this morning - Not very promising :(

It had rained overnight, same as it has done for a few days now and it felt like winter had returned

Same view an hour later, bit of broken cloud but not much better.

So it was on with the knitted slippers - this is a pair I prepared earlier haha - and wander round the house thinking of what to do

Saved by the bell - the phone rings so all thoughts of housework go quick smart lol

After that I gave in and made a coffee - not quite like this one I had served to me in Longreach, not sure why I was surprised to find such presentation in the Outback 'cose after all they have coffee shops and baristas all over the place.

Then I rang my cousin back to say yes I'd meet her for lunch after all


  1. Hopefully our rains are over after 7 days of it. Hope you have a wonderful lunch and stay dry! :)

  2. Very overcast! Certainly looks to be promising rain. It's quite bright here today for a nice change, a gentle breeze too.
    That coffee looks amazing!

  3. Your feet in the slippers reminded me of junior high home-ec class where we learned to knit slippers and poor me, mine ended up big enough to fit an elephant.I can laugh about it now, but it was humiliating at the time -- the teacher was rather cross at me and wasn't too quiet about it either. Hope you are not having the horrible dust storm I heard about on the news (doesn't look like it from the picture)

  4. Hi Cathy, lovely to see you posting again I must say and thanks for stopping by. Those slippers look very cute and well, that delicious looking concoction does too. I'm trying to be good and staying away from those things for a while but doesn't stop me from looking ;) Looks pretty stormy in that other photo.


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