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Thursday, September 17, 2009

What did Dh do?

Well, he spent time with his friend putting the world to right
This time on the day we spent at a great place called 'Montes' near Hydeaway Bay
click the photos for a better view

Then he also enjoyed those daily walks on the beach
bare chested, soaking up the sunshine and looking 'quite nice' for an old fella of 71

He walked with me through various National Parks - note the phone to his ear,
The family caught up with us here.

But this would have to be his favourite time
Guess where he was going :)

Yes you guessed it, off the Golf Course.

Here we have both him and his friend from Adelaide looking a bit ordinary in their long shorts but ready to try their hand at another 18 holes

I love notice boards and what they represent
Laying the law down!!
This is how we do it here lol

BTW the stubbies referred to aren't bottles/cans of beer
but a brand of short shorts favoured by some men

Looks like the groundsmen think the golfers have it all their own way

Just one photo of the course

I don't know how the golfers can concentrate on their game

when they have a view like that just the other side of the green


  1. Enjoying seeing all the photos of your trip, Cathy. Looks glorious - and good fun, too!

  2. What a lovely spot to vacation. Knowing mostly nothing whatsoever about golf, I wonder why the golfers need a sand bucket?

  3. Love the ocean, maybe someday I will see your ocean & beaches.


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