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Monday, September 21, 2009

One Day in September

Well its that time of the year again

The Footy Finals

(AFL that is - aka as Australian Rules Football)
are well and truly on the go and the burning question this week will be:-

'Who will win the Grand Final on Saturday September 26th 2009 ?'

The Cats (Geelong) and The Saints (St Kilda) are the two teams
that will be battling it out attempting to win the Premiership Flag this year

The Hawks (Hawthorn) had that honour last year but this season,
much to the disgust of several family members, failed dismally

The Bombers (Essendon) also didn't do much either,
much to other family members dismay (me included)

So the question is - will it be Geelong or St Kilda that holds the flag up high this year?

Not sure I'll actually watch that game
But then again I'm not planning much for Saturday afternoon
So I might as well turn on the TV and weep for what might have been lol


  1. My husband baracks for the Cats, me the Hawks.

    I'm thinking of buying balloons today for the fence, though there will only be three of us home. Sounds like a peaceful Grandfinal.

  2. My team was put out early too Cathy, but there's always NEXT year !!

    GO CROWS !!

  3. As a Collingwood supporter I am very disapointed with our teams performance this weekend. I would really love to see the Saints get up this week. Its been along time between drinks for them, and as all aussies we love to see the underdog win

  4. Lovely holiday photos, and great to have you back too.

    I straight away recognised the first as St. Kildas. Arrgh - too much watching "The Sullivans" in my teens, lol

    xxx from Michelle and Zebbycat across the ditch


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