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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A lovely sight

I was feeling quite weary yesterday but wandering round the garden in the afternoon sunshine made me realise Spring in Melbourne can be really lovely
The winter rain has greened up the grass but I know this spot will be brown again fairly soon
Thats the reason I filled that ground with the sleepers and crazy concrete pieces

The sight of all the lavender by the washing line made me laugh as its hard to believe I gave it a really good hair cut before we went away. Yet there it is back up and flowering like its going out of fashion
Click the pictures for a better view

You can also see where the roses have started their Spring growth

This little clump of Arctosis is cut back during Winter but soon spreads as the months go by.
Cuttings are so easy to take, basically I just break off a piece that has a few roots and plant in the ground, they don't seem to have any problems settling in to a new spot and make clump up fairly quickly

These are some Sparaxis bulbs that could be the originals from years gone by or they could be some I've lifted and transplanted - they are so easy to grow that I forget where they are till their leaves pop up in the Spring

They don't grow as tall as some other bulbs so blend in with all the other foliage around
These ones are beside a Correa and a clump of what I call White Death Lilies - Calla Lilies?
Unfortunately Blogger refuses to load the picture of the actual flowers :((
I really don't feel so bad after all lol


  1. I have a sparaxis near the front door the same color as yours. It made my day this week as well.

  2. We in the Northern Hemisphere are getting to re-live Spring all over again! Everything here is slowing down in preparation for winter and life is bursting forth there. Your yard is lovely; very partial to lavender!

  3. Would just love some of that lavender. I'm never successful with it . Don't know how many bushes I've seen off !

  4. Lots of lovely flowers there. Enjoyed looking at your garden.


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