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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Horseshoe Bay Road Market

Most Sunday mornings we were up early and pottered down the road to the Lions Sunday market. Each time we went it was quite warm so I spent a bit of time in the shade when I wasn't actually looking at goodies on the stalls.
Lots of nice craft stuff as well as all the trash and treasure but I could only take a few shots as people didn't want me to photo their craft. I asked nicely but a lot said it was their livelihood and I might go back and copy it - shame as there were some nicely presented stalls :((
for a cleaer view click on the photos to enlarge
Now heres my friend Vivienne looking very embarrassed as she is carrying a plastic bag.
Coming out in hurry she left her shopping bags back at her caravan and as I had no more room in mine had to give in and accept the placcy one

This is some of the fabulous fruit and veg on sale.
All grown locally and freshly picked - and at very good prices too.

This market is 'run' by the local Lions and they man a breakfast stand each week.
Right next to the music stand so there was lots of foot tapping going on

This is another group playing and even tho' its not a great shot with them being in the shade I love the look.
Theres a casualness about it thats shows the pace of life in Bowen
The two 'old' fellas leaning on the post chatting away oblivious to anyone else and the younger musicians enjoying themselves.
Click to enlarge and you'll see the details more clearly


  1. What a lovely and interesting way to spend Sunday Morning !

  2. It looks like a beautiful spot Cathy.

    I fail to see their reason for not wanting their wares photographed, a purchaser might also do the very same thing, take it home and copy it ????

    Is the market on every Sunday?


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