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Friday, August 21, 2009

How I've passed the time

This post is the result of a few requests from friends for more info on how I'm passing the time here in Bowen. Some of them seem to think I'm just sitting on my b.. drinking all day long lol the weather has warmed up and the winds seem to have subsided only they don't call it Blowin Bowen for nothing lol

As well as knitting and reading ( 3 pairs of winter slippers and 3 books) I've been learning how to crochet but still seem to think its a craft I will fail to master. For some reason my left hand doesn't like being in charge of the wool and the fingers can't control the tension but I will keep on trying.

I've walked Queens Beach each day - its 5km from one end to the other - we come onto it about half way so to one end and back equals the 5 km- takes us about an hour with all the stopping I do to pick up shells and generally dilly dally along the way. Generally they are just ordinary run of the mill type but yesterday there was an unusually low tide and I found an enormous one that must have come in from far away - it looks like something you would find on the beach a very remote tropical island but as I can't load photos here it will have to wait till I get home.

There is one very old cinema here so with seniors rates each day but nottoo many movies we fancy we've only been a couple of times. Went to see Australia (again) it was filmed here in Bowen so this time we noticed local landmarks more that ever. We also went to see a film about Charles Darwin which was a bit disappointing as it turned out to be something made for TV and not a movie at all.
May go to see Casablanca next week at the Inaugral Bowen Film Festival - they are also showing The Reader in the beer garden of a local pub! Also watched Audrey Hepburn in Charade on tv - see the fashion industry just had a showing inspired by the style of clothing she wore. Nice chic clean lines but oh did we ever wear those headscarves wrapped round our had and neck those ways?

While Dh has been golfing I managed to get in a few sessions at a small fitness centre but then the 'girl' went on holiday (where do locals of tropical towns go for a holiday - to the snow of course lol) and so I've been going to the local pool and doing water aerobics instead. Luckily its a heated pool as the one at the caravan park is freezing as is the ocean at the moment. There a little beach close by - Horseshoe Bay - thats sort of protected and all the 'old' people go there - some sit in the sun all day long and have skin like black leather - well my friend and I went down there the other day for a look see and actually dipped our toes in - and then got clever and got wet all over - well after a while it was ok but it was a very quick swim as my finger went white really quickly.

The local State School had a fete, the local Orchid Club had a show with lots of plants for sale as well as loads of craft groups displaying their wares For a small town there are so many groups to join you could never say "I'm bored".

The local Lions Club organise a Sunday market at Queens Bay - fruit and veg, books, cakes, clothes, craft, sausage sizzle, and even a 'band' - lots of colour and feeling, will show photos when we get home. We drove down to Airlie Beach a couple of time (60kms) for a shopping fix lol Its quite touristy there and also has proper shops - Rivers had a shoe sale so I'm coming home with 3 new pairs :))

Early on we had a lovely few days at Mission Beach north of Townsville with my brother, took them down the road to Tully (reputed to be the wettest place in Australia) and showed them the big Gold Gum Boot - photos later. Then we drove up to Ayr (100kms) yesterday to have look see also down to Mackay last week. Well we we almost got there but decided to go to Pioneer Valley instead. Turned off and drove up a very very twisty turny to get to Eungella (pronounced young'g'la) for a look at the view and then had lunch at the Pinnacle Pub surrounded by cane fields on the way down.

As well as the airforce couple we know who are already here another couple from the same group passed through last week so its been a great time with lots of laughing and high jinks. A trip to the Sunday Market isn't going to be same:)) anyway we all put in what food we had (limited when you ar eon the road) and had a fabulous spur of the moment BBQ on Monday night and then took a Whitsundays 3 Island Cruise on Tuesday. Very early drive to Airlie Beach to pick up the boat but loads of fun, visited Hook Island, then Whitsunday island to sit on the fabulous white sand at Whitehaven Beach and then on to Daydream Island to finish the afternoon off at the resort there. Nothing like 60/70 year old being teenagers again and frolicing round in the crystal clear waters.

With all the lovely fresh fruit and veg I've been cooking well and even made soup - limited to the size of the saucepans in the unit but managed pumpkin using 2 pots and the electric frypan from the unit and the Bamix I brought with me. Augergine/egg plant is grown here and we scored some for free so I cooked them for the first time as well as the numerous caspicums and tomatoes we seem to be given.

Now talk about a small world - last week I spoke to a young couple and their children as we were coming off Queens Beach and noticed the South Australian plates on a motor as well as a sticker on their caravan. I read this blog written by a young South Australian mother (Lightening) and knew they were planning a trip up north and she was going to write a blog about it - this is it. Well not thinking too quickly I walked on - would you believe it was her.

Two more weeks to go here and then we are going to do the travelling looking at country history thing - driving to Charters Towers, then on to Winton, Longreach, Blackall, Balcardine and then on down through outback Queensland and home.


  1. It sounds like you are having a really interesting holiday, taking your time, looking around with no rush. My husband said when he was in the Army it ALWAYS rained at Tully. I find crochet easier than knitting, I have the yarn over my left index finger and stick it up in the air.
    Take care

  2. I am like Pip, first thing I thought of was how I held the wool in my left hand.

    I have this action my Nana taught me. I put the fifth left finger behind the wool from the top, anyway it ends up crossed at the back of that finger. I think over the front of my tallest finger. I am wrapping camera cords around my fingers, doesn't bring back the memory as much as wool lol.

  3. Sounds like you are keeping more than busy. Have fun and have purpose even on vacation!

  4. Gday Cathy, Sounds like your having a wonderful time relaxing but at the same time keeping your self busy a n aquaintence always went to Tully for holidays used to come back and complain off the rain..

    If you stopover in Winton the walzin Matilda museum . and in Longreach Stockmans hall of fame. both well worth a visit.. enjoy the rest of your holiday safe traveling

  5. Hi Cathy,
    You sound to be having a lovely time ! Interesting to read about it.,
    I love handwork and spin knit,sew embroider etc but I cannot crochet apart from the very basics Certainly can't follow a pattern !

  6. It is interesting to know what people do on their vacation. I enjoyed reading some of your blogging friend, Lightening's, blog. I have been reading one by a French couple who have been touring around Australia. I find their pictures very interesting.

  7. My goodness you've been a busy lady. It all sounds like such fun. My sister tried several times through the years to teach me to crochet, I never got the hang of it!

  8. Keeping busy is good! But it sounds a nice busy...I love knitting tho can't do much of it anymore...keep at it and post pics of what you knit!

  9. Cathy, if you would like to pop over to my place after your holiday, there is a little award waiting for you here: http://randomdistractions.blogspot.com/2009/09/accepting-graciously.html


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