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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shivers down me spine

Now it really really was cold this morning - -1c/30f when I opened the door at 7am

I had to use the car first thing which meant water and brush to remove the ice and then the same a short while later when I came back to actually drive away as the windows had an icy coating on them again lol

We have had teenage grandchildren staying here this week and it will continue for a few more days so there won't be many posts. They take up so much time and don't seem to have a clock located in their body either so deadlines are not even getting a look in. Missed the planned cinema outing 'cose they were so slow - they didn't seem really bothered so I let them just mess around at home. Then of course when their parents ring I hear - we didn't do much just used the Wii and stayed at home. Can't win can you lol

And then of course they always seem to want to be on here at the same time as I do. Who knew they had so many 'friends' to talk to and guess what, the world will come to an end if they don't.

So this is just to say I'll be back sometime, maybe I'll just leave home and let them shriek the day away on their own. Oh no, thats what their parents are doing lol


  1. Hi Cathy, sounds like you have your hands full. I suppose the best way is just to go with the flow and hope the flow doesn't sweep you away, lol.
    Enjoy your grandkids, they will be going back home soon :)

  2. Hi Cathy Hope you survive
    Always look on the bright side at least grandchildren can be sent home...eventually!!


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