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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All in a days work

Decided I'd take some of the mob to lunch
and then chance a visit to the nursing home to see A Pam

I think I underestimate my young ones
They were normal at lunch meaning they weren't too obnoxious
but were generally well behaved
In other words didn't show me up in public :))
I have only taken them to the nursing home in 'ones' before and wasn't sure what sort of reception I'd get going there with several sometimes noisy boisterous kids.
I was so proud of them all as they even gave into their feelings about kissing old folks
and gave her a kiss
Yes even Master T who at 13 certainly doesn't like coming that close to a female
(had to promise an ice cream tho. lol)

And as you can see from the smiles on my Aunt's face
she was thrilled to see so many of them all at once

Mind you she couldn't remember their names and kept asking
'Who are you and who do you belong to'


  1. The pics are lovely! What wonderful kids, giving up time for their elders and I bet you were as proud as punch!
    haha, I forget the names of all my family and I've not hit 40 yet. I do the same thing my mam used to do and rhyme of about 6 names before I get the right one!

  2. Wow. You are brave to take the mob all out. Good for you!

  3. Oh my, here's your medal for valour! But I know not only your Aunt but everyone else was happy to hear young voices around them!

  4. Cathy - what a brave and very lovely thing to do. And what a suprise for Aunty Pam - looks like a very happy surprise!

    Our Winter school holidays started a week later so the kids in NZ are in the middle of theirs. And the weather is due to pack up this weekend! (poor parents and grandparents
    From Zebbycat:


    Just his evening walk across the laptop, LOL, purrrrumbling loudly the whole time

    Care and huggles, Michelle xxx

  5. Great family photos, Cathy. Bet you were so pleased you took all the grandchildren to see A Pam - she looks so happy.


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