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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sunday afternoon at the footy

Here it is Wednesday again, I have been busy again this week - lots of run of the mill type things as well as clearing up the last of the aunt's belongings which have meant no time for blogging - but I must tell you about the footy game I watched last Sunday.
One of those lovely sunny winter Sundays, a bit chilly but no too cold, just right for standing around in the fresh air. One of the grandsons was playing 'at home' (not with our local team tho, he plays with another from a suburb close by) so dh and I took time out and watched part of the game.
I love to watch these youngsters (under 14's) not long out of Primary School, in their first years at High School, who are still 'young and skinny' but on the verge of shooting up and filling out as they approach manhood. They want to act like the Senior teams but still seem to be part of the Juniors with the pack attitude to the game.

Did have to check his 'colours' before we made the mistakeof barracking for the wrong team tho' lol
Here's some of the faithful near the scoreboard end of the clubrooms
If you click and enlarge you will see the home team on the top weren't having a good game - they were well and truly defeated by the visitors
Love the chap in the chair on the fenceline, looks like he's asleep but it was so sunny he used the paper to shield his eyes


  1. Gday Cathy, Hope you were well rugged up in your winter woollies while watching the footy, Better luck next week for you grandson hope he has a win.
    Love the pic of the autumm tree. Brrrrrrrr like you bring on summer,I hate winter but we need the rain..

  2. Local footy is one of the best things about winter.
    I hope your grandsons team has better luck next weekend.


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