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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nice surprise on Sunday

Close to the footy oval where the game was on Sunday there is a trotting track. Not your usual sight in suburbia but its been there as long as I can remember and is used as a training track

During the half time break' in the footy game I saw a horse and sulky out of the corner of my eye and wandered over to have a look see

Not the only one with a curious nature either

Got these two better ones as he came past a second time

click them all for a better look

I have no idea if his 'style' is correct but it was great to see something different and out of the ordinary without making the effort to seek it out


  1. Your pictures came out well Cathy, it's quite hard to take good pictures of moving objects.

  2. I think the pics are brilliant, it looks like a nice day too for a trot around the track! Couldn't you hitch a lift? ;o)
    We have a pony and trap that passes our house every weekend, it does little tours of the fells and I love to see it.

  3. great pics, and moving target to boot!


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