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Friday, June 5, 2009

Has Winter arrived?

This weekend in Melbourne is The Queen's Birthday Weekend - a Long Weekend with a holiday on the Monday - the opening of the Ski Season - and a time for the seasons to really change.
Here in Australia our seasons change on the first of the month
not the 21st like in the Northern Hemisphere

Officially our Summer starts on January 1st
Autumn on March 1st
Winter on June1st
And Spring on September 1st
From what I can remember the reason for those dates was something to do with the soldiers of the NSW Corp that came with the First Fleet changing their uniforms on the first of the month.
Summer to Winter June 1st
Winter to Summer December 1st
Some years the look of the garden doesn't always reflect the seasons
Looking at these photos taken yesterday you wouldn't think it was officially Winter
Looks more like late Summer with all the roses blooming
Because of the terrible heat they didn't bloom like that at all during the Summer

Even the Lavender round the wash line is blooming again
Its just the scattering of oak leaves round the base that gives away the time of the year

I took these next photos looking out of the back bedroom window yesterday.

Doesn't that sky look black and ominous??

These were taken just before 2pm and yet all the morning there had been sunshine and beautiful blue skies and a light breeze, sufficient to get two loads of washing dry.
But apart from the changeable cooler weather we have had
I have a feeling that Winter has arrived - want to know why?

I popped down to the pet shop in Montrose during the morning
and what did I see
(but didn't get a photo of)
The beautiful yellow blooms of the Wattle trees in the Kinder carpark lol

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  1. Cathy,
    Your roses are beautiful! I have three bushes yet to plant.


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