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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Words and Pictures - Tucked up in bed

Words and Pictures at Meet Me At Mikes

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Sunday February 8th 2009 - the day after Black Saturday
Not normally allowed to sleep in (or even on) the bed
Leroy and Kiera taking advantage of the fact it was scorching hot outside
and I let them indoors where it was cool
Trust them to find the one that had a load of stuff on it
Maybe they thought I wouldn't notice them lol
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  1. Burmese Beauties!. My tabster has some burmese in him and snuggles up to me just like the pusscat on the left of your photo. Missing him tonight - he's in his vet's cattery as I'm off tomorrow to help the dear parents prepare for their 50th wedding anniversary celebrations soon.

    Please give your darling cats a cuddle each from me, I so love the Burmese nature. I hope you're healing well.

    Care and gentle huggles from Michelle in cold Wellington NZ.

  2. They are beautiful, Cathy! And they look so comfortable! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

  3. Leroy and Kiera are Stunning!


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