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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Words and Pictures - Remember

Talking to my Aunt the other day I was asking her what she remembered - its a hard question for her to answer some days but for some reason on that day she was clear in her mind about one thing.

She remembered her sister Betty and how she made her laugh.

They were raised in India and it seems that as a little one Betty was her sole companion as they lived in house a house full of adults. Along with their Mother and Father there were also four spinster aunts - sisters of their Mother.

None of the servants had children who they could play with so as well as sisters they were playmates and also constant companions to each other.

Being priviledged they were sent off to boarding school at a young age, luckily not back to England as so many expat children were but somewhere in India ( she doesn't remember where exactly) and were able to go 'home' for the holidays - so whenever Pam felt lonely or afraid Betty was there to make her laugh.
It was so lovely (and rare) to hear her talking of this life she led so long ago, dances were a way of life and Betty was the fun one attracting lots of admirers but Pam being a quiet one sat on the sideline.
They both married officers in the 9th Gurkhas Regiment so continued to live a privileged life as adults. They stayed in India till after the war and then returned to England to a very different lifestyle.
Se was so clear in her descriptions of life in those days it was almost as if she was reliving them - till she came to the part of migrating to Australia in the early 1950's.
Then nothing came - she just stopped talking. I assume 'cose there was no Betty - who remained in England - to talk about. Maybe I'll be able to get her to remember those times again but I never know from one day to the next whats going on inside her head.
She managed several trips 'home' to England over the years to see her beloved Betty and this is a photo of the two of them enjoying a special moment of laughter. Betty is on the left and A Pam on the right.

Can you see the special bond they had with each other - the love in the eyes and the smiles on their faces? Hopefully she can still remember those moments inside her head even if she can't talk about them
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  1. How sweet! Bless her heart. Yes, the love shows through in the pictures.

  2. What a lovely post, Cathy. So nice that your aunt was able to share some of her old memories with you, and what gorgeous photos.

  3. An expeptional post Cathy, your Aunt's reminiscences were lovely and those photos were special. Thank you so very much for sharing them.

  4. I cherish siting with older folk and listening to their stories of long ago! guess thats part of why I like geneology/

  5. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story.


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