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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Words and Pictures – Careful

I do wish I had been so yesterday.

Today I’m nursing a rather sore back and bum :(

The process of emptying my Aunt’s home was still going on and my cousin called out

Be Careful.

Watch, where you are walking.

Didn’t register in my very full busy mind so over I went.

Slipped on a plastic bag one of us left on the floor.

It has been constant and very time consuming and I still wonder (and can not understand why we weren’t strong enough to say something at the time) how some one could re - accumulate so much extra ‘stuff’ after moving and downsizing to a smaller unit just two years ago.

She just didn’t like having an 'empty house' as she put it and bought more nick knacks and other things to replace the ones she had willingly given away.

Reminder to self – don’t leave all this work for your family, we are able to live with much less than we think.

I’m really glad that finally the furniture and other goods have finally gone to the sale house and its empty – we have some house cleaners coming tomorrow and then the keys will be handed over on Friday.

In the meantime I’m on Paracetamol every four hours and standing or walking rather than sitting lol

It also means I can’t visit anyone ‘cose I can’t sit for long - maybe I will go through all the general stuff now cluttering up my garage thats destined for the op shop

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  1. Ouch!

    It is so easy to accumulate. And the funny thing is that a lot of what we do keep we hardly use. We just convince ourselves that one day we will use that thing. But then I've had the reverse happen, where I did throw something out, then two days later I find that I could have used it.

  2. You need a whoopie cusion without the whoopie! :o)
    Take it easy and I hope you get better soon.

  3. You poor thing. Get some arnica cream from the health shop and rub it in. It works wonders.
    Feel better soon

  4. A sore back and bum is no fun for you. Put a hot water bottle on it to ease it as well as the paracetamol. I'm trying to get my mum and dad to "declutter" it's a very slow job.
    take care

  5. Another good reason to stop using plastic bags. More and more of our stores here are stopping using them and encouraging people to use reusable bags.

    Surely you could find someone to kiss it better!

  6. I'm so sorry you're sore! I don't know why people seem to accumulate so much as they get older. My parents and in-laws both had tidy houses when they were full of children, but now there is stuff and more stuff! Hubby and I are trying to curb that tendency and the more I get rid of, the more I want to get rid of!

  7. Hope you soon feel better.
    Having cleared my Mum's house and what a marathon that was-she'd lived there for 60 years I decided to try to leave things easier for my children although I think they'll just send for a skip and all my treasures will be piled into it and carted off !

  8. Oh dear, done exactly what you've done, several times in fact. I was getting a bit of a reputation for falling on my nether regions and it always takes a while to get over these falls. Glad you didn't break anything and glad to hear from your other post that you are feeling better.


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