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Friday, May 29, 2009

Seasons come - Seasons go

Cold mornings recently - 7c/45f this morning - have reminded us that nothing stays the same and thats eveident when I look at this Liquid Amber tree visible over one of my neighbour's roofline

Just 3 weeks ago it and the samller one next to it were showing off their full autumn glory

Now their branches are bare - all the leaves gone with the help of high winds last weekend

Its suprisimg how different they look minus their foliage - a bit like us when we've got a new hairstyle

Roll on summer


  1. It is a lovely warm spring day here . It seems strange to see your photos of Autumn and read of cold mornings !

  2. You still have beautiful blue sky. I like to see skeletons of trees. Our summer is just starting! x

  3. I alomost forgot your seasons were opposite as ours, I thought you had reposted something-silly me

  4. Our grass is just coming back (with a vengeance, lol) since the summer rains have come! time to get the mower out.


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