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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Words and Picures - Collecting

The Words and Pictures theme this week at Hello meet me At Mikes is Collecting

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Wikipedia says that collecting is a hobby
The hobby of collecting includes seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining whatever items are of interest to the individual collector.

My Mum used to use the word 'collecting' in relation to the first three words of that sentence.

Collecting the post, collecting eggs, collecting something from the chemist, collecting her thoughts, collecting children from school.

She was never one to have 'things' around the house so my collecting gene ceertainly doesn't come from her

Much to my Mother's annoyance I think I've been collecting all my life - bits and pieces always seemed to come home with me.

I'd collect stuff in my pockets and school bag and it always seemed a mystery to me as to how they got there.

When I married we collected children and all the paraphenalia that goes along with them - then I found I could go to work and that meant I had money to buy things and start other collections - linen, vases, glasses, candle sticks (why I wanted to collect them I'll never know) tea pots and coffe pots in all shapes and sizes, dinner sets, all those things I thought were so nice and necessary and looked good displayed about the house

I'm not going to say anything about the craft 'stuff' that has been collected over the years as thats not really a collection - its a necessity isn't it ??

Aren't we are really talking about stuff that isn't a matter of life and death LOL

So of course there were the cats that made it into the house - they came in all shapes and sizes

I must have spent a small fortune in cat figurines over the years
but it was always the fun ones that took my fancy
like these rotund ones, some of the few I still have

Then there were the thinbles - racks and racks of them.
Like the Quilters I thought He Who Had The Most Won
These are the few I have kept

And the Owls - any sort of Owl that caught my fancy came home
There are only a few in the house now - Owl Thimbles

Times have changed and these days I tend to look at things that will amuse the Grandchildren we seem to have collected recently.
Shells from Queensland collected on the beach at Bowen
I'd never seen Sand Dollars before and wanted to show them to the little ones

See what one did with them the other week - sorted them into sizes to compare.

Found the largest and the smallest specimen and fun at the same time

I've been out in the garden and had fun rounding up the collection of Faeires that live down at the bottom, battered and discoloured from years of being in the Grandhildren's Fairy Garden, they are resting before being allocated new spot

Its mainly frugal thrifty types of collecting that goes on these days
Spare small change towards this years sojourn in the Winter Sun up North

Free papers collected from whoever wanted to give them away to cover the weeds and then be covered with mulch
That was my Easter Weekend activity

To go along with that work I've been collecting bricks from generous friends for garden edges
This load arrived Easter Saturday from a lovely SiL

So what do I think of collecting these days
As my Mother would say
'Leave me be for a while so I can take my time at collecting my thoughts'
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  1. What a lovely post Cathy! I really enjoyed it.
    My mum always used to 'collect her thought' too. A lovely term I think.
    I love your cats and thimbles. my MiL collects thinbles and owls. I have a rather large collection, or should that be herd, of elephants and paper-weights.

  2. Tee Hee Cathy! We are big on 'collecting' too, we are a magnet for everyting that others no longer want but we usually have a use for things! We have bricks and wood, piping and guttering, windows and doors all just waiting for the next project! They will get used, everything else has so far, just have to find somewhere to hide them in the meantime!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  3. Wonderful post Cathy. I have enjoyed your others too. I have a few collections myself, today it's mainly dust so I think I had better get off here now and do something about that ;)

  4. I am not really a collector, but hubby WaS! and I ahve having a time disposing of it. My daughters are both collectors too.
    I just love to collect my grnds in my arms and give em huggs & kisses

  5. Gday Cathi,
    im a bit of a collector also. I used to collect Teaspoons.till i had so many I gave a lot away when we shifted to Yarrawonga 20 years ago.. i still collect magnets from were ever ive been,and a few overseas ones from friends.

    by the way the Kettles always on if you come this way,,,

  6. Lovely post!
    I use to collect everything seem like .A few yrs. back I gave most away and have never regret ed it.Less to clean and more free time to do as I wish.I srill have a few collections but nothing like I use to have.
    Have a great wk.end!


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