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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Words and Pictures - Cold Feet

If you pop over to Meet Me At Mikes you can read all about this weeks Words and Pictures meme - Cold Feet


One thing in my life that is consistent is the fact that I always have cold feet.

I always seem to get cold feet – no matter where I am or what I’m doing and its nothing to do with not liking what I’m doing or being worried about what I’m supposed to be doing - its just that for all her life Catherine has suffered from cold feet.

Why, I used to ask when all my family had warm blooded feet were mine always cold, and what could I do to warm them up.

I used to blame my Dad’s side of the family ‘cose they all suffered from heart disease but my GP seems to think my circulation is fine so what else could I blame? When the thyroid gland packed up I thought, great that can make you feel the cold.

It had made me suffer all sorts of other symptoms so as well as the weight gain, the bloating, the grotty hair, the general aches and pains, the memory loss and miserable feelings maybe I could blame that on it as well – only thing is now I’m on medication and the levels are ok the feet are still cold lol

I’ve tried all sorts of things; seriously toasting feet in front of an open fire or a heating duct just results in a red face and scorched soles and those horrors called chilblains.

Likewise soaking in a bowl of hot water leaves them wet and soggy and cold again within a short while. There are creams that will make your feet warm, slippers you can put in the microwave, herbs that will assist with circulation and of course wearing woollen socks does seem to help.

There is however one remedy I had recommended recently that I have yet to try.

It would appear that if you wear a hat your feet stay warm.

Now that would be a lovely sight – many years back people wore a hat (Wee Willie Winkie comes to mind) to bed - There is always a hot water bottle and extra blanket at the foot of the bed and occasionally bed socks ready to put on but I’m sure if I turned in one evening with a beanie on my head Dh would laugh his cotton socks off.

But there again maybe not ‘cose if it cured the bane of his life
– me getting into bed with cold feet –
I'm sure he would be pleased.

He might even give it go himself ‘cose recently I’ve noticed him with his feet tucked up in a blanket and stretching them over to my side of the bed once I’ve got comfortable.

Guess what – they were freezing – yes he’s started to suffer from cold feet as well:))


  1. That's me too, with cold feet. My doctor is sending me for a thyroid test. I never knew it might be the reason for being so cold. Just figured it came with age.

  2. Cathy,

    I often have cold feet as well, so if you find the remedy, please be sure to let me know. ;-)

    The book Just Jane is fictional, but based on fact. When you write historical fiction, you have to do lots of research. I worked for six months doing research just to write an article on the Battle of Gettysburg.

    Thanks for entering the giveaway.

  3. Hi Cathy,
    another cold feet sufferer here, I usually wear bed socks to bed in the colder months, and don't laugh, I have been known to wear a beanie in bed, mainly when I'm sitting up and reading.
    take care

  4. OMG don't tell me it's contagious

  5. Gday Cathi, Ohh I also suffer with cold icy feet, I have central heating. electric blanket, and keep my hot wheat bags on my feet in winter while watching Tv.
    My Hubby bless his soul.always told everyone he suffered with cold feet, not his but mine. thankfully the weather is still in mid to high 20s Not looking forward to cold winter and feet LOL

  6. I'm usually the warm footed one in the house, playing footsie with myself to get bedsocks off during the night in winter. I always have to search among the covers for them in the am.

    To a short winter for you.

  7. Cold feet! A definite deal breaker with me. It might explain why I live without a significant other and sleep with a very large dog.

  8. I suffer from cold feet in bed all the time. My OH says it is stress! It doesn't really bother me, as I usually fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow! x

  9. I wear socks all the time now!
    I do have a thing I wear on my feet at night which the podiatrist ordered. For the life of me I can't remember the name of them. i will look up and let ya know

  10. ok they are called Thermoskin Thermal Gauntlet. They absolutely work! I use them and my feet have never been warmer at night! Were a Godsend in NJ. WHen my feet were cold my whole body is cold and I can't sleep! You can buy online for $35, I think I got them from the podiatrist for $25. Just look online and you can read all about them.
    Also I have heard capsation ointment works well. Have tried, but made my feet almost too hot! Yeh I am crazy!

  11. I wear a good thick pair of socks and that seems to keep my feet warm but my nose is like a block of ice sometimes. My mum always used to tell me to wear a hat, that the heat would come out of the top of my head so that hat would keep it in. I can't tell you how confusing that was to me as a child trying to look over the top of my head to see if anything was coming out of it!

  12. I feel alone in the world. I don't have cold anything. I'm burning up all the time and my poor spouse suffers with cold because of my keeping the temperature so cold.

  13. Hi Cathy,
    I don't have cold feet ,infact I go barefoot yr. around.
    Have a great wk.end!


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