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Friday, April 10, 2009

Sport and a question

We have some new TV channels coming alive at the moment

If your TV is ok for digital reception or you have the back set top box you can view ONEHD (part of channel 10 network), which is a dedicated 24-hour sports channel.


Lots of new sports available for us to watch – well I’ll rephrase that – lots of new sports for Dh to watch, especially in the afternoon when some of the international sport is available.

When the channel was ‘testing’ he was watching American Football (Gridiron), now the Masters Golf from Augusta, Basketball and Baseball are all keeping him happy, as well as Soccer with English and European match highlights.

Its been a real plus for him, some afternoons recently have been a bit too chilly to sit outside as he normally does for an hours read so he’s parked himself in the lounge room with a coffee and his book and has been very quiet for an hour or two – with the TV on. LOL

Possibly makes him sound like a bit of a Norm - who remembers him from the 1970’s Life Be In It Campaign -

…………….The central character in the 'Life. Be in it' commercials became a cult figure. The obese, middle-aged man, Norm, was an anti-hero who needed to stop being a couch potato and become 'more active'. That Norm has become an Australian icon is evidenced by the inclusion of a gigantic, couch-bound Norm (dressed, of all things, in gold lame and sequins) in Sydney's Centenary of Federation parade in 2001. The term 'Norm' has been adopted into the Australian vernacular to describe, according to the Macquarie Dictionary Book of Slang, an average citizen viewed as a non-participant in any kind of physical exercise while addicted to watching spectator sports on television………

but it gives him (and me) the chance to view sports we wouldn’t see otherwise.

For me when I have a minute to sit down it has been great to see Netball being given an airing on a different station other than the ABC. And I even saw some indoor athletics the other day.


There are many times I don’t want to see all the grief that’s happening in the world at the present time – not saying I am ignoring it - its just some days I’d rather not be depressed and sad so not having it uppermost in my mind is one way of relieving all that tension I feel whilst watching the news.

So, if you’ve read this far you might be able to answer my question –

Remembering that even tho’ Baseball does have a following here in Melbourne and there is a league as such, I’m familiar with the game but I don’t know that much about it -

my question is -

We see some of the baseball players who look lean and fit but I see others who actually look chubby (won’t say fat ‘cose they wouldn’t like that) they are really on the large side – especially in one of the teams playing this afternoon – Thursday evening in the states (Milwaukee) and we wondered why.

It seems quite strange as they definitely have a different stature to the rest of the team especially the younger looking ones.

So would they be an older player who’s put on (rather a lot of) weight or is there another reason?


  1. I'm not sure, maybe they are the designated pitchers, and maybe they don't have to run between the bases so they can be "larger". My DH is loving OneHD as well, he is a bit of a Norm too, I have a bit of a look when there is something I am interested in; athletics, cycling, triathlon and netball. Can't say I like Nascars very much, very boring indeed.

  2. Hmmm...I listen to the radio for the only sport I love, the Boston Red Sox baseball so I now longer see the chubby ones. I do remember though when we had a TV there were some. I think they eat too much, LOL!

  3. Hi Cathy,
    Hmmmm........ I'm not a sports fan, sorry can't answer that one.
    Hope you have a great wk.end!


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