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Sunday, April 12, 2009

How they relate to the roses

Yesterday I mentioned a couple of plants that survived the long very hot summer
They grow beneath some roses in a long narrow bed near the washing line
Looking at the bed today I realised someof the roses has actually bloomed again but I'd been too busy to notice lol
Society Garlic has thin strappy leaves and grows in a clump - these clumps are quite easy to split up and replant so you can have extra plants in no time
Click photo to enlarge and get a better view

The clumps of thick strappy leaves are Agapanthus which is also called Lily of the Nile

Now they have finished flowering I've cut all the dead blooms off, firstly to make the clumps look tidy and secondly to stop the seeds going everywhere

Unfortunately they have been declared a noxious weed by many councils so this is my way of having a clear conscience

There are a few bare patches in the bed - even tho they are an Australian native some of the Brachyscome didn't survive the hot weather so I'll plant more in the spring


  1. Beautiful pink and white roses there Cathy. I have tried desperately to grow Agapanthus as I adore them both the blue and the white though the blue is what i would really like. Unfortunately they do not seem to like my garden and go nowhere.

  2. So lovely Cathy. You have some great looking flowers in your garden.


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