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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yesterday - raindrops

Yesterday I was trying to get some shots of the raindrops on the Sedum and this is all I could come up with.There has to be a knack in getting the right angle to show what you want people to see - does that make sense to you?

Holding the camera one way I couldn't see the rain, another way mean't all I got were the flower :(

So it looks like I have a lot of practising to do.

Considering the awful heat and lack of rain we have had this summer the roses in the background of the next photo still look quite healthy, they are at the back of the bed and near tall shrubs so they get some shade at the hottest time of the day and then into the afternoon.

This is the crop of Sedum that took Kiera's fancy - the close up photos are from a different crop.

Even tho it doesn't look like it the whole of the bed was mulched quite heavily at the start of the season and also after the last rain we had before Christmas yet the ones at the front didn't fare so well. With the strict water restrictions we have I couldn't rationlise giving them precious drinking water from the tap, on the times I had a bath I would bucket them but in the end decided they would have to take their chances the same as everything else.

What an awful looking scene this is, can you see the remains of the little veggie patch we dug in the middle. We planted cucs and other bits there last Spring but even tho' it hurt me to pull them out in the end the lack of water took its toll and it hasn't been that expensive to buy what we needed. Plus I have a friend who grows for a living and we've done very nicely from her gifts over the Summer

I must remember to take those buckets back to the paddock and get them filled with horse doodad again. Theres a whole load 'maturing' in the background ready to dig in with the roses again this winter and if you don't get there when the lady is clearing the paddock you miss out - on those days she's the 'best friend' of half the neighbourhood. LOL


  1. it's funny to see Fall/Autumn flowers when it's not even Spring here.

    Great shots,

    Gill in Canada

  2. The seedum does look pretty even if you can't see much of the raindrops.

  3. I can see your garden is beautiful despite the harsh conditions. My neighbours yard, (they moved out about a week ago) has looked too dry since Feb 8. The abelia looks awful, but I think it is OK underneath.

  4. What flower is the patch of green to the left of the sedum?


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