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Monday, March 16, 2009

What to do on a wet weekend

A little while ago I mentioned some baby jackets I knit on regular basis to be sold on a charity stall, well as this weekend just gone was rather wet (I'm not going to say miserable 'cose we needed the rain) and not condusive to gardening (thats true as it was all horrible and soggy out there !) I set to and made up some that were finished. Sewed the side seams and added buttons to make them into the finished article.

All the jackets in the first picture are the same design, simple sleeveless 2 fronts and a back, pick up round the sides for an armhole and round the neck for a little collar as such. Difference is apparent I think - two in Fishermans Rib, one in Broken Rib and the other two in a pattern I borrowed from another cardigan in another book. As long as you have the correct number of stitiches to form the pattern the world is your oyster.

I love these two in the girly colours Now these are another design I enjoy knitting - knit the two fronts and then join both together with extra stitches at the neck and knit on down for the back. Because the little armhole os part of the design all thats needed then is to pick up for the neckband and join at the sides. Easy peasy as the kids say lol

This variegated wool is all the rage over here at the moment

Even tho' the knitting pattern is for 8ply (similar to double knit) because the design is measured in rows the thickness of the yarn means they can all be different sizes. That happens anyway with lots of patterns, hence the need for a tension square if its an important garment. Not knowing what size these will be is half the fun and this little one is really cute. .

Should fit a 3 month old baby


  1. They are so cute. Soon I'll learn to do some designs...can I come to your house to learn? Jan

  2. These are just darling! So precious. I like to knit but I can't follow a pattern. I just do rectangles. Sometimes just to do them, but I did finally teach myself to do purses that turn out pretty cute. That's really sweet of you to make these and it must be fun to think of the little babies that will wear them!

  3. Hi Cathy,
    These are Beautiful!
    You do Beautiful work!And what a wonderful cause!:o)
    Have a great wk.

  4. It is always an uplifting thing to me seeing knitting like the top picture or some crochet.

  5. Hi Cathy,

    You have done a wonderful job on these baby jackets.

    I love the girlie ones with the lacey look. Although I like all the others as well.

    I can knit but don't have the time lately. Mind you I could hop off the computer a bit as I spend way too much time on here. Then I might have time for other things.

    Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog.


  6. What beautiful work... i LOVE these! They almost make me want to have a baby again ! Note I said ALMOST! lol!
    I like the varigated ones, but the soft coloured girlie ones are simply gorgeous!

    My mother was a fantastic knitter, but I could never do it without resting one the needles on my stomach when I was wrapping a stitch ( is that even what it's called?) and my tummy used to get sore! I can do fine crochet work though and I love it. :-)

  7. I love them! So cute and sweet looking! It's a long time since I had a little one small enough to fit into something that size!
    I can only admire them Cathy as I have no creative talent! :o)

  8. How clever you are Cathy, these all look adorable. Such a lovely thing you are doing. The knitting fairy didn't pat me on the head with the knitting stick I'm afraid but I do so admire people who were.

  9. Lovely little jackets. I cannot knit so I admire anyone who can. x

  10. They are very cute. I would never have time to do anything like that. I am no good at that sort of thing.

  11. Thanks Cathy for your comment on my blog- I have been reading through yours.[great jokes!] I LOVE this baby jacket- where can I find the pattern??
    Angela x


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