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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Last year I was given a new camera and so far haven't really looked at all things it can do - you know the bits and pieces that are described in the manual that you really can't understand at all - all I've done is the point and shoot thing.

So today I thought I'd play around with it in the garden, try to see what the bit for flowers was all about but after the horrible summer we have just had found out theres not much left in the garden thats actually blooming ( or able to bloom if it comes to that).

As you can see I had company - Kiera aka Brookwood Maura Delight, yes she's a Brown Burmese, - who always likes to know what's going on and puts her nose in to all sorts of places, whether its appreciated or not!

I'm reckon she's thinking - 'I'm not sure where I'm going but it looks interesting'

Anyway we'd just had shower of rain and having a go at the real art farty type stuff I was trying to snap raindrops on theSedum Autumn Joy which appears to be the only thing that seems to have survived. Not sure about the salvias in that area...........there seems to be green shoots coming up there so we can but hope lol

Watch out here comes sticky beak !!

She hung around while I snapped away........................I'll show you those tomorrow - but today is all about this little madam.

Then she tootled off to investigate the Nepeta patch under the roses - what roses you ask. They are still there - just.

Last weeks rain will have done them good and if the cooler weather continues I'll give them a pick me up drink of Seasol and a little haircut.

'Now this smells familar'

The cats love Nepeta and it always puts on a good show in the Spring with the early rose blooms.

No rolling around on the plants like they often do on sunny days but I think she still reckoned she could smell that lovely aroma that comes off this plant when its crushed.

'I can still smell it'

'Thats tickling my ear!'

If its chopped back occasionally it will flower most of the year. They look awful at the moment but as you can see some of the plants are starting to shoot again and I'll trim the dead shoots off sometime.

On her way back to the house she stopped for a moment - liitle did she know there was something by those plants on the deck railing she would have loved to chase - I'll show you tomorrow.

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  1. Nice photos Cathy. I am not to good with my digital camera. My husband know how to do everyting with it, so I have to learn that all now.


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