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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Look what I got

The other day when we were having all that rain I made some comment at home about wet washing hanging around in the rainy weather.

We haven't used (or had ) a dryer at home for many years - ours packed up and at that time there were various reasons why we didn't replace it - lack of money, effect on electricity bill, and the thought that here in Melbourne maybe tomorrow would be a day when I could use the outside line after all.

I can (and do) hang clothes overnight in the doorway of the laundry and they are often dry the next morning and for other larger things I use the big clothes horse outside under the covered deck. The one thing I have never wanted is a line outside the back door under the covered deck - Chinese laundry style:)

Well I was given a large package and this is what it contained -

click photos to enlarge

Yes, a portable collapsible rotary clothes line, fully assembled and so easy to put up.

Made up of two halves that slot together, the top half with the line sides down the pole and the bottom half with the legs slides up its pole - and it comes with a zippered bag for storage.

Nowhere near as much line as I normally use mind you but the thought was there and I love them for it.

It fits into that space quite nicely and isn't in anyones way if they need to walk past; if we do need that seating it can easily be relegated to the garage, only not for long or I'll forget its there and run out of undies :)

No rain today today so it will be tucked up in its bag and put away but see how it is showing itself off in front of its big brother in the garden.
Only thing now is to choose a name for it lol


  1. What a great item. I never saw one like that..could use that inside in winter here.

  2. I love it! and I have one! I use a washing line usually or my dads drier... I'm not posh enough to have a drier! hehe
    You can hide all your smalls on this just nicely!

  3. I do hang out clothes some of the time in the summer but would really miss my dryer.


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