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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Look round these towns

Mean't to mention a couple of other bloggers who have joined Caroline in taking a tour of their local area and telling why they live there

Pop over to Joolz and see a post on her home town and locality

And you must read Linda's also on her town and area

Whilst we all live in Australia its good to know there is no sameness to our towns and states - there used to be a TV programme on ABC called A Big Country and reading these brings the same feelings back as when I watched this programme.

Does anyone else remember seeing it?


  1. I am really appreciating being able to get to know ladies from South Australia and Queensland. I like being reminded of what Melbourne looks like too because I can't visit there as often as I used to, because I now live further away. I think as far as Joolz.

  2. I am really enjoying seeing other parts of the country to.

  3. I don't recall any TV show like that. It is interesting to see where others live and why they like living where they live.

  4. I loved a Big Country - espceially the theme song - my sister and her husband were interviewed on it once about the Min Min light.

    Like the new layout by the way Cathy.



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